Office of the VP for Communications – Keeping alumni and friends connected to U-M

  1. Brewery sustains people, planet, profit

    Western Michigan’s Brewery Vivant serves up craft beer with an environmental chaser.

  2. Straw bale house

    How 22 undergrads and one fearless leader used 200 bales of straw to build U-M’s first off-the-grid structure.

  3. Research at a glance

    The total volume of research at U-M reached a record high $1.39 billion in fiscal year 2016, marking ambitious partnerships and innovations.

  4. How President Schlissel plans to tackle societal problems

    Targets include poverty, academic innovation, sustainability, and diversity.

  5. Protecting the Great Lakes

    Striped invaders, toxic blooms, and rising waters are just some of the targets in U-M’s sights, as experts seek to defend our state’s precious waters.

  6. First climate action plan for Detroit

    U-M students complete first comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Motor City history.

  7. Under the D

    A vacant house in Detroit seems an unlikely site for a shrimp farm – until you think “urban revitalization through sustainable aquaculture.”

  8. Helping buildings work smarter, not harder

    How big data could mean big savings in economy, environment.

  9. Re-inspiring a nuclear renaissance?

    U-M experts seek to meet the global demand for energy, rehabilitate nuclear power’s public image.