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Show Us Your M

By umcadmin

All University of Michigan alumni know the Block M is more than a letter. It is a symbol that represents something very special to a lot of people. Big or small, we love them all. Here are a few of our favorites, courtesy of the Alumni Association.

Where is your favorite Block M?


  • Amy Ellwood

    Was reading about “Your Favorite Block M” in Michigan Today and wondered if you caught our M on a new TV show, “666 Park Avenue”? It is on Sunday night and stars Vanessa Williams and a male actor, Dave Annable, whose character, Henry Martin was out jogging in Central Park. He was jogging in a U-M shirt that has Michigan across the chest and a block M on the sleeve. Dave Annable attended SUNY Plattsburgh, so I was wondering which loyal Wolverine in the production company had the character wear “our” shirt. I was delighted. Wonder how many folks caught this?


  • Mike Teeley

    This is my block M story. I have proudly worn and carried the M to virtually every corner of the globe. From China to Australia. South Africa to Mt Washington. Taiwan to Scotland/England. In almost every instance I have gotten at least one “Go Blue”. This is easily the most recognizable symbol of any American university. Here is my photo album of the Block M around the world.