President’s Message

  1. AI’s promise for teaching and learning

    As U-M customizes Gen AI tools on campus, President Ono focuses on best practices defined by accessibility, privacy, integrity.

  2. Hail to the victors, hints of the future

    If you’re anything like me, you’re still beaming after the football team’s national championship.

  3. Breaking ground in Detroit

    President Ono closes the year with a groundbreaking report from Detroit and news of an institute honoring Raoul Wallenberg.

  4. Renewing our commitment

    President Santa J. Ono encourages the U-M community to unite in creating a brighter world of peace.

  5. Prioritizing safety, striving for peace, and mourning loss

    Santa J. Ono reflects on world events and provides updates on increased enrollment, new housing, and more.

  6. Safety: Our highest priority

    Santa J. Ono affirms his commitment to free speech on campus, condemns violence.

  7. Scale of inventions, innovations is ‘just phenomenal’

    President Ono kicks off the new year with good news about inventions, investments, and agreement with the GEO.

  8. … And, we’re back

    The energy is high, the streets are congested, and just like that, we’re going back to school.

  9. Diversity: Sharing lessons learned

    A diverse educational enviroment is essential to our core mission of academic excellence.