President’s Message

  1. Remembering Zell, celebrating Dearborn

    Santa J. Ono celebrates achievements at UM-Dearborn and mourns the loss of U-M benefactor Sam Zell.

  2. Insights and ISR

    In his monthly video, Santa J. Ono showcases U-M’s Institute for Social Research.

  3. Vision 2034: Leading with integrity

    President Ono announces search for ethics, integrity, compliance officer. Plus: Wynton Marsalis to speak at Spring Commencement.

  4. Investing in the people of Michigan

    President Ono shares early milestones en route to his March 7 inauguration.

  5. The value is inestimable

    President Ono reflects on the dark days of the pandemic and celebrates the inestimable value of Michigan Medicine.

  6. Forward, ever forward

    Santa J. Ono embarks on a strategic visioning process that will be in place by 2024.

  7. Facetime with Santa J. Ono

    Tune in to Santa J. Ono’s first monthly video message to the U-M community.

  8. Setting the table

    Santa J. Ono assumes the U-M presidency this month, encouraging community leaders to join him at the table.

  9. In with the new

    Mary Sue Coleman introduces new faculty as she paves the way for Santa J. Ono’s arrival Oct. 14.