Campus Life

  1. Coming home: A Vietnam Veteran in the Law School

    With a West Point diploma and two Purple Hearts, Tom Carhart, JD ’72, arrived on the Law Quad at the height of the anti-Vietnam War movement. At first, Carhart was appalled by the student protests. Soon, he joined in.

  2. Ono sets out his strategic vision in first leadership address

    U-M’s 15th president recently announced his early agenda to address faculty recruitment, socially conscious investing, and staff development. In addition, Ono announced a sustainability partnership with Delta, and said the university-driven climate organization UC3 is moving to campus.

  3. Listening, connecting, earning trust

    As Santa J. Ono takes office as the University of Michigan’s 15th president, he reflects on recent challenges and embraces the ethos of excellence that defines U-M’s global family.

  4. NFL star makes 5-year-old leukemia patient’s day with dedication video

    Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson sent Hudson Gazsi a special message to ‘keep pushing through’. The 5-year-old boy is battling pre-B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a blood cancer that affects immature white blood cells and the bone marrow that makes them.

  5. U-M supports Ukrainian scholars at risk

    As academic research in Ukraine ceased due to the Russian invasion in February 2022, U-M created a 12-month fellowship that offers a life-saving and intellectual home to Ukrainian scholars. Research areas vary from human rights to cyber warfare.

  6. Librarian combines loves of comics, games

    David Carter is one of the lucky ones: As U-M’s video game archivist for the Computer and Video Game Archive and comics librarian, he has combined his two childhood loves into a fulfilling career.

  7. U-M appoints Santa Ono as new president

    In July, the Board of Regents named Santa J. Ono U-M’s 15th president. Ono is an accomplished biomedical researcher and the president and vice chancellor of the University of British Columbia. He steps into his U-M presidency Oct. 13, 2022.

  8. Regents appoint Santa Ono as University of Michigan’s next president

    Santa J. Ono, an accomplished biomedical researcher and the president and vice chancellor of the University of British Columbia, has been named the 15th president of the University of Michigan.

  9. Invitation to a Nazi

    In 1964, U-M students invited George Lincoln Rockwell, self-declared ‘commander’ of the American Nazi Party, to speak at Hill Auditorium, setting off a heated campus contest over the limits of free speech.