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Campus Life

  1. Working his way through

    An African-American student of the 1920s left a vivid memoir of his years in a semi-segregated Ann Arbor.

  2. The late, great 'Cat Hole'

    A woebegone corner of campus once attracted trysts, trash and, a magnificent plan for an amphitheater. And then we paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

  3. State of the (Michigan) Union

    The iconic Michigan Union will close April 30 for a major, 20-month renovation.

  4. U-M to review sexual misconduct policies and procedures

    U-M to consult outside expert to ensure all is being done to prevent and respond to reports of sexual misconduct.

  5. Hair down to there

    The ‘Beatle haircut’ of 1964 sent men’s locks at Michigan flowing past the ears, collars, and shoulders.

  6. MGoView

    Feeling nostalgic for those halcyon days in A2? An app created at U-M delivers campus to your phone as a 3-D, augmented-reality experience.

  7. Enrollment growing as campus rolls out Go Blue Guarantee

    From an all-time high of 59,886 applications, U-M enrolled 6,847 freshmen for fall ’17. The class is slightly larger than anticipated.

  8. Students promote lifesaving power of organ, tissue donation

    A bone marrow recipient and the daughter of a heart transplant patient work to increase donor awareness.

  9. Everybody's had to fight to be free

    While still a U-M student, Nicole Khamis, BA ’17, responded to an international crisis by founding a refugee assistance program.