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Campus Life

  1. U-M unveils five-year strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion

    U-M unveils blueprint for making the University community more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

  2. Connecting physical and mental health

    Stacey Ervin, BA ’16, shares his experience as a student gymnast managing mental health, athletic, and academic challenges.

  3. You should be dancing

    For two decades U-M students have choreographed one of the most life-changing experiences on campus: Dance Marathon.

  4. Guerrilla librarians

    In 2005, a move to shut down the Residential College’s popular Benzinger Library sparked student protests, sit-ins, and a move to take back the stacks of East Quad.

  5. You can ring my (Pretzel) Bell

    Restaurateurs are cooking up plans to resurrect the much-revered gathering spot, enjoyed by locals from 1934-85.

  6. Be there, be heard

    Campuswide summit continues yearlong effort to create a comprehensive plan to address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues at U-M.

  7. Truly blue?

    Go Blue! They’re two little words that mean so much to Wolverines worldwide. But how did this cheer originate? And which Wolverine said it first?

  8. “Insanitary conditions"

    In 1910, U-M students attended class in unventilated buildings; spit on the floors and sidewalks; and contracted tuberculosis in alarming numbers. Good times!

  9. How one cranky grad changed U-M history

    Sure, we know the War of 1812, but how about the War of 1817? It happened right here at U-M – in 1929.