Education & Society

  1. Want to teach? U-M program helps solve shortage

    The Michigan Alternate Route to Certification, offered in U-M’s Marsal Family School of Education, was designed for anyone with a bachelor’s degree interested in becoming a teacher in Michigan. Participants work as certified teachers (with salary and benefits) for three years while enrolled in and supported by the program to earn their standard teaching certificates.

  2. Exonerated: Freeing the wrongly accused from prison

    Legal experts estimate the national rate of individuals wrongly convicted of crimes is between 3-5%. Since 2009, the U-M Law School Innocence Clinic has been correcting injustices inflicted upon Michigan residents. As of late 2023, students and faculty in the clinic have helped 41 people regain their freedom.

  3. Michigan Minds podcast: Presidential election season ‘will not be normal’

    The 2024 election season is underway — as more voters pay close attention to which candidates and policies best serve them. But unlike previous years, the battle for the White House will be anything but normal because democracy could be jeopardized, says University of Michigan political expert Vincent Hutchings.

  4. Out of the woods and into the ethos: Unique business course still resonates

    One year on, Michigan Ross students assess the impact of an inaugural management course that took them to the wooded, lakefront campus of U-M’s Biological Station. The goal? To align their highest character ideals with the realities of a business career. So, how’s it going?

  5. Episode 58: We need to make truth our national purpose, featuring Barb McQuade, BA ‘87/JD ’91

    A self-governing democracy can’t survive in an ecosystem of disinformation, especially when the lies and propaganda are homegrown, says law professor Barbara McQuade, BA ‘87/JD ’91. In her new book, ‘Attack from Within,’ McQuade sounds the alarm about the escalating dangers of domestic terrorism and offers tips to combat this deadly threat.

  6. Kris Sarri: Combating climate change with a policy pen

    A thriving environment depends on engaging people in its stewardship, says Kris Sarri, MPH ’97. She has spent two decades in Washington, D.C., where her commitment to public health weaves together environmental protection and community development.

  7. UM-Dearborn alum shines on the Detroit Lions Drumline

    The Lions’ breakout season is making DeAndre Hicks’ first year with the team’s “Honolulu Boom” percussion group a memorable one. Joining the drumline was a lifelong dream for this social media specialist at U-M’s Center for Academic Innovation.

  8. Can you hear the music: Q&A with Ann Jeffers

    Ann Jeffers, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, recently released the memoir ‘Can You Hear the Music: My Journey Through Madness.’ She details her struggle with bipolar disorder and psychotic episodes while trying to establish her career and family.

  9. AI in society: Perspectives from the field

    Experts working in artificial intelligence, from technological to public policy roles, discuss the critical turning point we are experiencing in AI and what it means for the future