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Education & Society

  1. Meeting unprecedented challenges

    President Schlissel presents the latest news re: Fall 2020, including customized services provided by experts and students in U-M’s School of Public Health.

  2. July 2020: Coronavirus and U-M

    From making drug discoveries to fighting pandemic-related food insecurity, here is a roundup of the latest news, features, and other campus updates regarding COVID-19.

  3. Cruel, cruel summer

    The mental health toll of caring for COVID-19 patients will require long-lasting attention, experts predict. And the summer surge is blazing.

  4. The COVID-19 curve has unflattened. Fast. Now what?

    Pandemic historians who showed the power of efforts to ‘flatten the curve’ say it will take all-out effort by individuals, industry, and elected officials to reduce death and suffering until vaccines are available.

  5. Schlissel, Collins outline fall plans to faculty at town hall

    U-M will test students for the coronavirus, allow highly at-risk faculty to teach remotely, and implement other measures aimed at keeping people safe while preserving a quality education that includes as much in-person instruction as possible.

  6. When a student activist goes pro

    Robert Greenfield, BS ’15, was treasurer for the Black Student Union and helped launch 2013’s Being Black at Michigan campaign. The Oakland, Calif.-based entrepreneur is back on the protest lines and finds his 20-something peers are ‘far too tired, far too early, given their age.’

  7. ‘Build something that wasn’t there before’

    More than 82 percent of Detroit’s homeless families are led by single women. Amy Good, BA ’77/MSW ’80, answered her mentor 30 years ago by co-founding Alternatives for Girls. The Detroit nonprofit helps young women in crisis or at-risk for abuse, human trafficking, and more.

  8. U-M no longer hosting Oct. 15 presidential debate

    “Given the scale and complexity of the work we are undertaking to help assure a safe and healthy fall, we feel it is not feasible for us to safely host the debate as planned,” says President Mark Schlissel.

  9. Constructive conversations for societal change

    U-M’s Chief Diversity Officer Robert Sellers moderated a virtual town hall about combating racism through daily activities, relationships, and challenging conversations.