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Education & Society

  1. Turning Great Lakes plastic into clothing

    A 19-year-old U-M student is founder of the first company to use 100 percent U.S. plastic to produce clothes. His ambition is to shift the fashion industry and help preserve the coast of Lake Michigan.

  2. Police: Sixth-leading cause of death for young black men

    For young men of color, police use-of-force is among the leading causes of death, according to a study from researchers at U-M, Rutgers University, and Washington University.

  3. U-M takes mental health care to teens around the state

    The U-M program TRAILS works with Michigan schools to provide effective mental health resources to students impacted by depression and anxiety. TRAILS is offered in 145 schools across the state.

  4. Mobile ‘Pop-Up School’ travels throughout Flint

    The UM-Flint Pop-Up School: Education Outside Your Door program is a free mobile classroom that visits locations throughout Flint. It connects the University with young children throughout the city.

  5. The opioid epidemic: Now what?

    Inside U-M’s varied approaches to fighting the epidemic, including innovations in both prevention and treatment — and why there might be “great reason for hope.”

  6. Pool parasite causing panic

    Cryptosporidiosis outbreaks are on the rise, and children are likely to be dispersing the illness. Crypto often enters the body by swallowing pool water. U-M experts weigh in on how to prevent spreading this parasite.

  7. Riot? Or massacre?

    Words matter, says Maggie Yar, BA ’95, executive director of Tulsa’s Hille Foundation. Especially when it comes to the little-known story of the 1921 Race Massacre – formerly known as the 1921 Race Riot – in which the city’s ‘Black Wall Street’ was destroyed.

  8. Easy rider? Not always

    After years working in Silicon Valley, Levi Weintraub, BSE ’06, dreamed of ditching his job as a software engineer, hopping on a motorcycle, and exploring Africa. So he did. After logging some 42,000 miles, he says, ‘Humanity was the biggest revelation for me.’

  9. Living in the moment

    U-M art professor Anne Mondro and her students explore the creative process with the elderly to shatter the stigma that comes with memory loss, dementia.