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  1. ‘Tis the gift to be life-changing

    When an ambassador from the bone marrow and stem cell registry Gift of Life visited his U-M fraternity, Brendan Dunn, BS ’20, provided a tissue sample. The process was unremarkable. Then his phone rang.

  2. 5 lessons to help you Zoom back in

    As the work-from-home brigade battles burnout, Michigan Ross professor George Siedel shares tips from his virtual classroom designed to help CEOs and other leaders energize the mind-numbing video call.

  3. Study links Detroit’s home repair program to housing stability

    Low-income homeowners supported by a $1 million grant increased their chances of remaining in their homes long term after completing major repair and safety projects.

  4. Returning to in-person school during COVID-19

    Pediatric experts discuss topics ranging from virus transmission risks and a possible vaccine for kids to spotting signs of depression in teens, screen time, and supporting children during transitions.

  5. Study: Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease

    A new analysis of thousands of native and nonnative Michigan bees across 60 species shows the most diverse bee communities have the lowest levels of three common viral pathogens.

  6. Forecast 2021: Presidential politics

    As a new presidential administration gets to work, U-M experts explore the myriad crises that Joe Biden and his team face, from a lack of trust in government to the relentless COVID-19 pandemic.

  7. Is having bad information worse than having no information?

    The move by social media companies to remove or suspend Donald Trump’s accounts and the decisions that led to the shutdown of Parler raise questions about the unchecked power of social media and its future.

  8. ‘My heart was shattered’

    Congressional scholars Norm Ornstein, MA ’68/PhD ’74, and Thomas Mann, MA ’68/PhD ’77, describe the dysfunction in Congress as ‘worse than it looks.’ But the Jan. 6 assault on democracy shocked even them.

  9. How to make the robot revolution serve the people

    The Ford Robotics Building, at $75 million and 140,000 square feet, is set to open soon. Features include an indoor fly zone for autonomous aerial vehicles, an outdoor playground for walking robots, a high-bay garage for self-driving cars, and more.