Education & Society

  1. University names leaders for new Raoul Wallenberg Institute

    Jeffrey Veidlinger, the Joseph Brodsky Collegiate Professor of History and Judaic Studies, has been appointed the inaugural director of U-M’s Raoul Wallenberg Institute. He brings significant scholarly expertise and administrative experience to the position; his research focuses on modern Jewish history, the Holocaust, and antisemitism.

  2. A family’s quest for a hero’s ‘war chest’

    From undisclosed honors to covert operations, the valiant military exploits of Colonel Kenneth Kreps were veiled in secrecy until a fateful discovery by his descendants. Witness the unveiling of a World War II hero’s saga as his family unpacks a long-lost treasure trove of historic memorabilia.

  3. Five new courses boost ‘Saturdays in the D’ experience for Detroit students

    This partnership between U-M and the city of Detroit provides free access to high-quality learning experiences for Detroit middle school and high school students, as well as professional development opportunities for adult residents. Programming focuses on science, technology, engineering, and the arts.

  4. New U-M studies challenge widely held beliefs, published research on women in the workplace

    Justin Frake is interested in cause-and-effect relationships in real-world data and the hidden dynamics that shape workplace behavior and eq uality — or inequality, as the case might be. His curiosity has led to research whose findings challenge some popular beliefs related to women in the workforce.

  5. Most local officials support rooftop solar, a majority opposes nuclear power

    Michigan’s local leaders overwhelmingly support adding rooftop solar infrastructure in their communities, while a majority strongly oppose developing nuclear power. According to the Michigan Public Policy Survey, 86% of local government leader respondents either strongly or somewhat support adding rooftop solar panels.

  6. U.P. Scholars Program makes U-M degree a reality

    Adjusting to Ann Arbor was easier with help from the U.P. Scholars Program, which provides need-based scholarships for limited-income students of up to $15,000 per year for four years. The program also provides social, academic and professional support.

  7. Hey Siri, are we cool?

    AI is developing rapidly, and there’s no consensus on what that means. Some think it will lead to human extinction. Others point out that it could help address medicine shortages or plan vacations. So what do humans do with all this? LSA faculty and alumni experts weigh in on what to make of AI’s changing landscape.

  8. Encampment cleared: Campus climate update

    Update May 21: Police have cleared the pro-Palestinian encampment on the University of Michigan Diag. Student protesters demand the University divest from companies profiting from the conflict. Read the administration’s statements regarding recent events, both on and off campus.

  9. Brad Meltzer, BA ’92, tells Class of 2024: ‘Unleash your kindness’

    2024 commencement speaker Brad Meltzer shares how magic provides insight to shape lives, aligning with classmate Desmond Howard (far left), and 2023 national champions Blake Corum and J.J. McCarthy, to drive home the point.