Education & Society

  1. Bookstore blends culture, community in Flint

    The Comma Bookstore & Social Hub is a rarity: Fewer than 6 percent of U.S. bookstores are owned and operated by Black entrepreneurs. Egypt Otis, BA ’20, is here to change that.

  2. More weapons in U.S. homes since pandemic

    Days before a 15-year-old allegedly killed four students and wounded others at an Oxford, Mich., high school, his father purchased the firearm used in the attack. A U-M study shows gun ownership among parents of teens spiked with the pandemic.

  3. Episode 48: Tales of a G-Man, featuring Greg Stejskal

    A month into Greg Stejskal’s gig as an FBI agent in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa went missing. Listen in, as this retired G-man recounts some of the most captivating cases in his 31-year career — from unmasking Ann Arbor’s notorious drug dealer ‘the Joker’ to identifying the ‘Unabomber.’ It’s all in his book, ‘FBI Case Files: Michigan.’

  4. U-M offers lifeline amid crisis in youth mental health

    The MC3 program links primary care providers to psychiatrists and behavioral specialists statewide who consult on the mental health needs of children, teens, and young adults to deliver essential interventions.

  5. U-M combats residential flooding in Detroit

    The city’s aging infrastructure is no match for the severe effects of climate change. But with $1 million from the Kresge Foundation, U-M’s School for Environment and Sustainability will work with local partners to mitigate flooding and other concerns.

  6. Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation: $40 million to support first-generation students

    The new gift will support U-M’s Kessler Presidential Scholars Program, which has seen an increase in graduation rates, sense of belonging, and other success outcomes for first-generation college students.

  7. Wallenberg Fellowship celebrates a decade of ‘transformational experiences’ abroad

    From Kenya and India to South Africa and Peru, nine U-M graduating seniors — one each year since 2013 have had the opportunity to study abroad, immerse themselves in a new culture and go beyond a purely academic experience.

  8. LGBTQ+ oral histories: The ties that bind

    For 50 years, U-M’s Spectrum Center has advocated to expand civil rights and inclusion for LGBTQ+ students. Now, a new series of oral histories creates a queer sense of intergenerational connection and ‘chosen family’ to inform and enrich students of the next 50 years.

  9. The truth should set you free

    Attorney Brad Holbrook lost everything when he was wrongfully imprisoned for sexual abuse of a child. Then along came an investigative reporter and a criminal defense attorney — Michigan alumni, of course — who saved Holbrook’s future and helped change Oregon law.