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  1. 14 things to do if someone you live with has COVID-19

    Experts at Michigan Medicine provide tips for helping a family member or roommate cope with coronavirus effects, while protecting yourself and others.

  2. Tracking COVID in wastewater

    We don’t know much about how coronaviruses behave and move through the environment. U-M and Stanford engineers aim to change that.

  3. Sparks fly and women weld

    Samantha Farrugia, MUP ’15, melds women seeking job skills with companies needing welders.

  4. March 2020: Coronavirus and U-M

    What’s happening on campus? Here’s a curated compilation of the latest information, experts, and links to manage this temporary new normal.

  5. Original Earth Day organizers reunite 50 years later

    Former student activists who established the 1970 Teach-In on the Environment examine how history can inform the present — and the future.

  6. What on Earth are you doing?

    The relentless barrage of dire news about climate change can take a toll on one’s psyche. Just imagine if climate change is your area of study. Plus: U-M & Earth Day at 50

  7. Maker space develops talent, builds community

    Young ‘makers’ in Detroit now have a permanent space to design, weld, work with a 3D printer, and more. The Brightmoor Maker Space is a collaboration between the Stamps School and Detroit Community Schools.

  8. Strike up the band

    More than 400 U-M alums are teaching ‘more than music’ in elementary, middle, and high school music classrooms throughout Michigan.

  9. Crisis in the Middle East: Experts discuss impact

    U-M’s Juan Cole and Michael Traugott address the repercussions and long-term implications of the killing of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani.