Podcast: “Listen in, Michigan”

  1. Episode 53: The Greatest Comeback, featuring John U. Bacon, BA ’86/MA ’94

    In 1972, the Cold War spilled onto the ice when hockey teams from Canada and Russia faced off in ‘The Summit Series.’ For his new book about the legendary matchup, John U. Bacon, BA ‘86/MA ’94, talked to most of the living players, including former U-M coach Red Berenson, BBA ’62/MBA ’66.

  2. Episode 52: Harvest at the Campus Farm, featuring Jeremy Moghtader & Talya Soytas

    As the world’s climate changes, the world’s food producers need to adapt accordingly, says Jeremy Moghtader, program manager at U-M’s Campus Farm. The farm taps into student/faculty expertise from engineering and sustainability to public policy and business development. Beyond growing food, the team seeks to impact social justice, support small-scale, diverse farming, and produce energy.

  3. Episode 51: Art Fair: A jewel in Ann Arbor’s crown, featuring Angela Kline

    Blazing temps, a torrential storm, and thousands of passionate art aficionados reunited in Ann Arbor in July for Art Fair 2022. Love it or leave it, this annual event is one of the town’s longest-running and most-cherished traditions.

  4. Episode 50: Making ‘the Joy Choice,’ featuring Michelle Segar, PhD/MPH/MS

    The simplistic concept of self-control is highly overrated when it comes to changing our eating and exercise habits, says award-winning researcher and health coach Michelle Segar. Listen in, as she turns that old behavior-change paradigm on its head.

  5. Episode 49: Remembering Jim Toy, featuring Scott Dennis

    In 1971, this LGBTQ+ pioneer helped establish U-M’s Human Sexuality Office — later becoming the Spectrum Center. Listen in, as U-M librarian and Toy’s friend Scott Dennis, MS ’90, recounts the late humanist’s extraordinary legacy. Toy passed away Jan. 1, 2022.

  6. Episode 48: Tales of a G-Man, featuring Greg Stejskal

    A month into Greg Stejskal’s gig as an FBI agent in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa went missing. Listen in, as this retired G-man recounts some of the most captivating cases in his 31-year career — from unmasking Ann Arbor’s notorious drug dealer ‘the Joker’ to identifying the ‘Unabomber.’ It’s all in his book, ‘FBI Case Files: Michigan.’

  7. Episode 47: Sing to the Colors, featuring James Tobin

    Michigan Today readers know what a talented writer we have in author/historian and Michigan alum James Tobin. In this collection of fascinating stories about U-M history, Tobin reveals his entanglement and profound affection for the University of Michigan, its complexity, and the role scholarship plays in society.

  8. Episode 46: Scents and sensibilities, featuring Michelle Krell Kydd

    Humans don’t give our sense of smell enough respect, says Ann Arbor’s ‘professional nose’ Michelle Krell Kydd. Listen in, as Krell Kydd describes her favorite scentscapes in Ann Arbor and reveals how smell can enhance experiential education, cultural awareness, and more.

  9. Episode 45: Wisdom and whimsy, featuring David Zinn

    When local treasure David Zinn spots his imaginary friends – Sluggo, Nadine, and Philomena the Flying Pig – he draws them into life amid the cracks and flaws on our local sidewalks. But this man is no mere ‘Artist.’ He is Mr. Rogers, the Wizard of Oz, and a Buddha with a box of chalk. Listen in, as Zinn inspires us to look beyond what the eye can see.