Podcast: “Listen in, Michigan”

  1. Episode 48: Tales of a G-Man, featuring Greg Stejskal

    A month into Greg Stejskal’s gig as an FBI agent in Detroit, Jimmy Hoffa went missing. Listen in, as this retired G-man recounts some of the most captivating cases in his 31-year career — from unmasking Ann Arbor’s notorious drug dealer ‘the Joker’ to identifying the ‘Unabomber.’ It’s all in his book, ‘FBI Case Files: Michigan.’

  2. Episode 47: Sing to the Colors, featuring James Tobin

    Michigan Today readers know what a talented writer we have in author/historian James Tobin. In this collection of fascinating stories about U-M history, Tobin reveals his entanglement and profound affection for the University, its complexity, and the role scholarship plays in society.

  3. Episode 46: Scents and sensibilities, featuring Michelle Krell Kydd

    We humans don’t give our sense of smell enough respect, says Ann Arbor’s ‘professional nose’ Michelle Krell Kydd. Listen in, as she describes her favorite scentscapes in Ann Arbor and reveals how smell can enhance experiential education, cultural awareness, and more.

  4. Episode 45: Wisdom and whimsy, featuring David Zinn

    When local treasure David Zinn spots his imaginary friends – Sluggo, Nadine, and Philomena the Flying Pig – he draws them into life amid the cracks and flaws on our local sidewalks. But this man is no mere ‘Artist.’ He is Mr. Rogers, the Wizard of Oz, and a Buddha with a box of chalk.

  5. Episode 44: The (commencement) song remains the same

    Mark Twain is credited with saying, ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.’ The same could be said for commencement speeches. Listen in, as we revisit the most inspiring lines from past U-M commencement speakers like Lawrence Kasdan, Joyce Carol Oates, Ken Burns, and more.

  6. Episode 43: Art’s tangible effect, featuring Wendell Pierce

    You may know him as Bunk from ‘The Wire’ or Antoine from ‘Treme,’ but UMS audiences know him as a ‘digital residency artist.’ Actor Wendell Pierce stars in the stage play ‘Some Old Black Man,’ produced and filmed under quarantine in Detroit. Stream it through March 12.

  7. Episode 42: The Interior Life of Albert Kahn, featuring Claire Zimmerman

    Experts tend to dismiss the architect behind U-M’s most iconic buildings as ‘generic’ or ‘mediocre.’ They miss the point, says this historian of art and architecture. To Albert Kahn, space was not a material to be sculpted but something to be occupied.

  8. Episode 41: The conquering heroines of Title IX, featuring Sara Fitzgerald, BA ’73

    Fitzgerald was the first female editor-in-chief at the ‘Michigan Daily’ covering a pivotal time in the women’s movement. Her new book celebrates the activists who fought sex bias at U-M and paved the way for breakthrough legislation.

  9. Episode 40: Ann Arbor’s ‘Music Man,’ featuring Ken Fischer, MA ’70/HDFA ’19

    Since taking the helm at the University Musical Society at U-M in 1987, this gregarious French horn player has hosted everyone from the Royal Shakespeare Company and Cecilia Bartoli to Leonard Bernein and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Now retired, Fischer chronicles his 30-year run at UMS in the book ‘Everybody In, Nobody Out.’