The (virtual) show must go on

MMB backbend

For the first time in its 123-year history, the Michigan Marching Band has gone completely virtual due to COVID-19. Band, take the screen!

  1. How to keep COVID-19 from invading your ‘pod’

    Michigan Medicine suggests what to do if someone in your learning group, friend group, or social circle gets exposed to or becomes sick with coronavirus.

  2. Michigan Medicine separates conjoined twins

    Two dozen specialists, aided by 3D printed models, recently separated 1-year-old sisters attached at the chest and abdomen. The surgery took 11 hours.

  3. Mobile clinic provides free prenatal services to Detroit moms

    The Luke Clinic provides free prenatal, postpartum, and infant care through one year of life to any family in the Detroit metro area. So far, it has seen more than 300 patients.

  4. On the road again

    Adam Brewster, BA ’12, balks at the concept of ‘election fatigue.’ He’s covering the 2020 presidential campaign as a CBS reporter in Iowa, Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

  5. Paul Milgrom, BA ’70, awarded Nobel Prize

    The 2020 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences recognizes Milgrom’s work in improving auction formats. He and fellow researcher Robert Wilson were awarded the prize for their research about auction theory.

  6. More undergrad courses going online as COVID cases rise

    U-M shifts additional classes to fully remote instruction after Washtenaw County issues 14-day stay-in-place order for undergraduate students.