This is how you feed potential

Student stocks shelves

Food insecurity is an existential threat to more college students than you may realize. U-M’s food pantry blends research and reality to find a solution.

  1. ‘More diversity equals better science’

    The most resilient ecosystems are the most diverse, says botanist and documentarist Sharon Shattuck, BS ’05. Her film spotlights three women seeking to make ‘better science.’

  2. Partnership with veterans impacts prehospital setting

    Critical care researchers and veterans are bringing new medical devices used to stop hemorrhage bleeds on the battlefield to civilian life.

  3. ‘Of splendid ability’

    In 1880, the parallel lives of a misguided scientist and U-M’s first Black female student revealed a contrast of white and Black, privilege and struggle, and more than anything words and actions.

  4. Interest surges in ad-free, censorship-free social sites

    Since November 3, people have been flocking to social media platforms Parler and MeWe, which promise ad-free or uncensored experiences.

  5. Loss is the game

    In a year devastated by grief, Collin McGlashen, BA ’05, holds his Wolverine traditions close and reflects on the ways the high-stakes Michigan-Ohio State game is woven through his family’s DNA.

  6. Life after COVID-19 hospitalization

    Study shows death, rehospitalization, and problems with basic activities, jobs, mental health, and finances plague many coronavirus patients.