1. Everyone vs. COVID-19: U-M scientists need public’s help

    Signing up for U-M registry will make it easy for researchers to find sick, recovered, at-risk, and healthy people for dozens of studies. The goal is to understand, prevent, treat, and measure COVID-19’s effects on people and society.

  2. COVID-19 shocks food supply chain; spurs creativity, resiliency

    From shortages to unanticipated waste, the pandemic’s damage to the supply chain is exacerbating the problem of food insecurity for millions. Still, there are signs of hope, and they’re coming from smaller grocers and local suppliers.

  3. Committees to prepare for fall ’20 semester amid COVID-19

    Seven coordinated committees will tackle different aspects of academic and campus planning, from instructional planning to the use of academic spaces and libraries.

  4. Discovery may lead to better anti-obesity treatments

    Researchers have unveiled the precise shape of a key player in human metabolism, which could open the door to better treatments for obesity and other metabolic disorders.

  5. “It is now easier to hear Earth’s voice”

    Michigan Stadium seismometer captures eerie quiet since COVID-19 lockdowns and stay-at-home orders were issued in March.

  6. The perils of social media and self-delusion

    ‘New Yorker’ essayist Jia Tolentino, MFA ’14, explores the ‘peculiar effects’ of self-deception, self-destruction, and the performance of identity in ‘Trick Mirror.’