1. Have a heart

    Protect your heart this Valentine’s Day with tips from a Michigan Medicine expert who changed the course of his health with daily exercise.

  2. Elvis at the end

    Just before he died at 42, the King rocked Crisler Arena in a slightly strange and thoroughly unforgettable concert.

  3. From talking the talk to walking the walk

    U-M geneticist and researcher at the Life Sciences Institute is the first Saudi woman to be named a Rhodes Scholar. And it all started with a podcast.

  4. Winners take all

    Former New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas delivers a new book that exposes ‘the elite charade of changing the world.’

  5. Forecast 2019

    Can industry reverse climate change? Can startups survive the trade war? And what’s up with that ‘nice’ penalty at work? U-M experts explain.

  6. Historic gift for Law

    Lisa and Christopher Jeffries have committed the largest gift in the school’s history: $33 million to support student scholarships, financial aid, debt management, and more.