How to make the robot revolution serve the people

Karen Sussex, an upper-limb amputee from Jackson, Mich., operates a Touch Bionics I-LIMB prosthetic hand

The Ford Robotics Building, at $75 million and 140,000 square feet, is set to open soon. Features include an indoor fly zone for autonomous aerial vehicles, an outdoor playground for walking robots, a high-bay garage for self-driving cars, and more.

  1. ‘Young Sharks’ gives fourth graders an entrepreneurial edge

    A creative UM-Flint program exposes elementary school-aged children to business, startups, and all the possibilities that can spring from their curiosity and creativity.

  2. Hurricanes, hospitals, and health care

    As extreme weather events multiply, U-M researchers have found a troubling lack of primary care doctors, surgeons, and specialists in some of the hardest-hit communities.

  3. Is the end in sight?

    Get an inside look at the COVID-19 vaccine development and approval process with U-M Professor of Epidemiology Arnold Monto. He is the acting chair of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products and Advisory Committee.

  4. Dispatches from first-time poll workers

    Two UM-Dearborn staff talk about their experience working the polls Nov. 4 and why they think everyone should do it at least once — kind of like a ‘civic internship.’

  5. Hooray for Hollywood and … UM-Dearborn

    Dale and Anne Thomson’s Detroit home recently played host to actors Ray Liotta and Benicio Del Toro, who star in a new Steven Soderbergh film. The picture, which is set in 1950s Detroit, features several area locations.

  6. U-M student raises 30K to build school in Malawi

    The children from a small rural village in Malawi will have a new school building by the end of this year, thanks to a University of Michigan student.