Oh yes, he’s a great pretender

Jim Dale at Manhattan bookstore with graffiti

Don’t call him a ghostwriter. Shape-shifting biographer James Dale, BA ’70, prefers ‘co-author,’ as he pens the life stories of athlete Cal Ripken Jr., sports agent Ron Shapiro, and political activist Elijah Cummings, to name just a few.

  1. It was a wonderful life

    After a dazzling turn with Jimmy Stewart in what would become an iconic holiday classic, Virginia Patton stepped out of the Hollywood spotlight. She traded the film industry for an illustrious life in Ann Arbor.

  2. U-M team recycles previously unrecyclable plastic

    PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most-produced plastics in the U.S. and the third-highest by volume worldwide. Until recently, it had a zero percent recycling rate in the U.S. But scientists at U-M recently discovered how to chemically recycle PVC into usable material.

  3. Healthy schools: Project reduces childhood obesity

    More than 150 middle schools in 47 Michigan counties have implemented Project Healthy Schools since 2004. The community collaboration with U-M is one of the few school-based programs to demonstrate lasting improvements in participants’ health behavior and cardiovascular risk factors.

  4. New hospital to be named for D. Dan and Betty Kahn

    The D. Dan and Betty Kahn Health Care Pavilion is scheduled to open in fall 2025. The $920-million facility will include 264 private inpatient rooms, a neurosciences center, specialty cardiovascular and thoracic care services, and much more.

  5. Community-builder Leon Pryor takes Detroit’s FIRST Robotics program to new heights

    Having excelled in careers at Microsoft, Amazon, and now Meta, this 1997 electrical engineering alum and renowned video game engineer co-founded The Motor City Alliance to make Detroit a powerhouse for FIRST Robotics teams.

  6. Social media: Top setting tips to promote positive boundaries, mental health for young people

    Experts share tech savvy ways to better manage and control social media use on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for youth, teens and kids.

A vision in white

An old-school blizzard Jan. 25 set the stage for an epic snowball fight on the Diag. Enjoy these winter scenes from a spontaneous battle royale, as Marcin Szczepanski, lead multimedia storyteller in the College of Engineering, takes you to the heart of the action. Get a glimpse of the snowy frontlines from the comfort of your screen and send us some memories of your own wild and exuberant days on the Diag.

  • Ballers

    Hundreds of students gathered on the Diag in front of the Hatcher Graduate Library for a giant snowball fight on Wednesday evening, Jan. 25.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • The wall

    Before the fight began, a group of students built a snow fort for protection.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Lay down your arms

    This became the center of battle as newcomers formed an opposing front about 30 feet away.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023.
  • Fastball

    The fierce battle lasted into the night.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Stand back

    Modes of protection varied widely.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Grrrrrrl Power

    Up to six inches of snow fell in Ann Arbor. That hadn’t happened in a while.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy

    And apparently, the students needed to blow off some steam.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Reflections

    … of the way life used to be. Did you ever get in on this action when you were a student?

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Be true to your school

    How do you know who’s on the opposing team if you’re all wearing the Block M?

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Riders on the storm

    Interesting choice.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • If you want some, take some

    Get it together, baby.

    Snowball fight on the Diag
  • I can see clearly now

    This student is either a strategic genius or a sitting duck.

    Snowball fight on the Diag, 2023
  • Pitch perfect

    Let’s hope this apparent pitcher plays for the baseball team.

    Snowball fight on the Diag 2023
  • Easy rider

    Something tells me this isn’t his first snowball fight.

    Snowball fight on the Diag. Older guy with goggles.
  • Eye of the tiger

    This cat’s still got a smile despite the signs of battle.

    Snowball fight 2023.
  • Girls just wanna have fun

    Glee is good.

    Snowball fight on the Diag 2023. Three girls laugh.
  • Mellow yellow

    Even Pikachu joined the fray. But eventually a truce was called and the crowd dispersed. Till next time…

    Snowball fight on the Diag 2023. Kid in yellow