Proof of life force

Moore and Krugliak

Coping with loss during COVID is crushing. But filmmaker Amy Moore, BA ’83, and arts curator Amanda Krugliak, BFA ’84, found joy amid the sorrow. They conceived a whimsical installation in Moore’s home to celebrate its late designer, Lance Lawlor, MFA ’75.

  1. 10 pandemic tips for older adults (and those who love them)

    Even as production of the COVID-19 vaccine ramps up, mutated forms of the virus are on the rise. For older folks, added risk requires special care.

  2. ‘My heart was shattered’

    Congressional scholars Norm Ornstein, MA ’68/PhD ’74, and Thomas Mann, MA ’68/PhD ’77, describe the dysfunction in Congress as ‘worse than it looks.’ But the Jan. 6 assault on democracy shocked even them.

  3. How to make the robot revolution serve the people

    The Ford Robotics Building, at $75 million and 140,000 square feet, is set to open soon. Features include an indoor fly zone for autonomous aerial vehicles, an outdoor playground for walking robots, a high-bay garage for self-driving cars, and more.

  4. COVID forced psychiatric care online, and many patients want it to stay there

    Most patients opted for video, but the future of virtual mental health visits is less certain due to reimbursement.

  5. UMS premieres ‘Some Old Black Man,’ filmed at Detroit’s Jam Handy

    Actor Wendell Pierce joins UMS production that offers a new way of imagining live theater in a lingering pandemic that has shuttered in-person arts experiences nationwide.

  6. Museum scientists: Prepare for next pandemic by preserving animal specimens now

    The emergence of infectious diseases attributed to novel pathogens that “spill over” from animal populations into humans is on the rise. Museum specimens hold important clues.