Climate Blue

  1. Stormy weather

    Storms are the atmosphere’s way of redistributing heat. Ricky Rood sees changes on the horizon as the climate warms.

  2. Living on the edge

    Ricky Rood tests the edges of climate change, highlighting new issues and asking new questions.

  3. On the surface

    Recent weather disasters are telling us how water will flow and how fire will spread. But are we listening?

  4. Adding fuel to the fire

    Ricky Rood gives Jimi Hendrix a run for his money in this assessment of fire, the wild kind.

  5. It’s time to get comfortable with complexity

    Adapting to climate change is no simple matter. Embrace the complexity, says Ricky Rood.

  6. A perfect storm of dualities and multiplicities

    How can increasing temperatures produce more precipitation and less precipitation? Because climate science is full of dualities, says Ricky Rood.

  7. ‘Do not breathe’ is not a good plan

    How can we slow or reverse the frightening trend of increasing wildfires?

  8. And as a reasonable man…

    Reasonable use is a term frequently used in energy policy. But what does it really mean?

  9. The problem, and the solution, is us

    Knowledge may be power, says Ricky Rood, but the real power comes in knowing how to use said knowledge.