Climate Blue

  1. ‘Celebrating’ Earth Day

    Ricky Rood has thoughts about the National Science Foundation’s Earth Day Celebration.

  2. Feeling insecure

    Ricky Rood examines the climate change nexus with energy security, national security, and economic security.

  3. We need human learning more than machine learning

    Artificial intelligence is fine, says Ricky Rood, but human intelligence will drive the solution to our climate crisis.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up

    Winners of the 2021 Nobel Prize in physics were cited for ‘reliably predicting global warming.’

  5. Fair weather friends at COP26

    A November visit to A2 may be picturesque, thanks to the late-changing leaves. But there’s more to that story.

  6. Prepare to roll with the changes

    Ricky Rood encourages readers to embrace ‘systematic planning’ as a method to adapt to our changing climate.

  7. Sweet emotion

    Ricky Rood ponders the emotions of a changing climate.

  8. Are we really talking about the weather?

    Remember when talk of the weather was considered dull conversation? Ah, those were the days.

  9. Will the Earth be habitable in 2100?

    The short answer: “Of course,” says Ricky Rood. As for the long answer? It’s a little more complicated.