Climate Blue

  1. ‘Do not breathe’ is not a good plan

    How can we slow or reverse the frightening trend of increasing wildfires?

  2. And as a reasonable man…

    Reasonable use is a term frequently used in energy policy. But what does it really mean?

  3. The problem, and the solution, is us

    Knowledge may be power, says Ricky Rood, but the real power comes in knowing how to use said knowledge.

  4. Fragmented mediocrity

    Ricky Rood ponders the insidious and pervasive nature of fragmented mediocrity in the realm of climate science.

  5. Who wants to see the future, anyway?

    Ricky Rood compares modeling the climate to peering through a telescope — and seeing the future.

  6. It depends on the second meeting

    Ricky Rood reflects on President Ono’s stated commitment to carbon neutrality and its challenges.

  7. Stars in our eyes

    Astronomy consistently garners more public support than the earthbound sciences. Could it be those fancy telescopes?

  8. You can run but you can’t hide

    Evacuation during extreme storms is a short-term option, says Ricky Rood. But sooner or later, weather will find you.

  9. The allure of cycles

    Sea level rise has Ricky Rood thinking about what makes a cycle and what makes a trend.