1. A matter of pride

    The Bentley Historical Library recently acquired some of the earliest images of African American students living off campus, thanks to a gift from Dr. Sharon F. Patton. The former faculty member donated her grandfather’s photo collection to the library. As a law student from 1908-11, Richard Hill Jr. photographed fellow African American students in his fraternity and around town. Read more about the images in the Fall 2022 issue of the Bentley magazine Collections. The captions here are sourced from an article by Brian Williams. The Bentley archivists welcome your help in identifying Hill's subjects. Use this form to contact an archivist if you recognize someone. Click on each image to enlarge.
    • Richard Hill, left, as a U-M Law graduate
    • Richard Hill Jr photos - A Matter of Pride
    • A group of unidentified men on the front steps of 1017 Catherine St.
    • Two unidentied women with an Alpha Phi fraternity member.
    • Richard Hill Jr. (front row, far right) at the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity banquet on April 10, 1910. Photo by Alford S. Lyndon.
    • Alpha Phi Alpha house party, 1911. Photo by Alford S. Lyndon.
  2. The hall of presidents

    They are an extraordinary group of scholars who have secured the University of Michigan's reputation as one of the world's leading public research institutions. Santa J. Ono now joins this exclusive club as U-M's 15th president. (These images come from U-M's Bentley Historical Library. Captions were sourced from the Office of the President.)
    • Corbel of Haven?
    • Tappan announces news of Civil War 1861
    • Erastus O. Haven
    • HENRY SIMMONS FRIEZE – 1869-1871; 1880-1882; 1887
    • Frieze's Grave at Forest Hill Cemetery
    • James B Angell
  3. Watershed moments

    Let’s raise a cool glass to U-M's civil and environmental engineers who are creating a remote, real-time network of water sensors on the streams and rivers of Macomb County. The network allows local NGOs, government officials, river users, and decision-makers to observe and adapt to changes in flow dynamics across seasons, conditions, and long-term climate changes. Images are by Marcin Szczepanski, College of Engineering.
    • Engineers on bridge
    • Experts install sensors on bridge
    • Setting up sensor on bridge
    • Measurements at the bridge
    • Bridge
  4. Brick by brick

    The walls came tumbling down at the Fleming Building in July amid a flurry of dust and crashing debris. Passersby were reduced to awestruck children (or was that just me?), as dinosaur-like machines devoured the structure from the inside out. Read the Michigan Today piece, FlemingBuilding, RIP, about the building's lifespan. The captions here were sourced from reader comments below that story. (Lead image by Jeff Karoub; others are by D. Holdship.)
    • Fleming
    • Fleming
    • Fleming
    • Fleming
    • Fleming debris
    • Fleming
  5. ‘Title IX gave us that voice’

    It’s been 50 years since the U.S. Congress passed Title IX of the Education Amendment Act, banning sexual discrimination in education programs that receive federal funding. Though its promise has yet to be fully realized, the landmark act has opened doors to some elite female athletes at U-M, featured in the ‘Title IX Series’ from MGoBlue TV.  All images are by Michigan Photography. Captions were sourced from; get more sports and take a dip into the archives at M Magazine.
    • Carol Hutchins
    • Bev Plocki, Women's gymnastics coach
    • Marcia Pankratz, Field Hockey
    • Jennifer Klein, Women's Soccer
    • Hannahg Nielsen, women's lacrosse coach
    • Jan Dowling, Women's golf
  6. From the end spring new beginnings

    Commencement 2022 delivered a host of celebratory thrills. Speakers included author/journalist Maria Shriver and Dr. Anthony Fauci. As in years past, many students customized their graduation caps with inspiring messages. Enjoy this batch of colorful caps we found amid the throng of ecstatic alumni in Michigan Stadium. These captions are sourced from the stories about spring commencement that appeared in the University Record. All images are by Michigan Photography.
    • Commencement cap reads: Meteorology, current conditions
    • Two caps read: G and O
    • Cap reads: big heart to shape little minds
    • Cap reads: I got it done for my son
    • Cap reads: Student parent: I did it for her
    • Cap reads: I will be happy about graduating
  7. Creating Champions

    Michigan student-athletes took winning to new heights this spring, breaking records, grabbing titles, and dazzling fans with extraordinary performances across the board. Enjoy these highlights, captured by Michigan Photography, with text sourced from
    • Women' basketball team celebrates
    • Naz Hillmon
    • Men's hockey pileup
    • Ahley Lau
    • Paul Juda, gymnast
    • Women's gymnasts celebrate
  8. Ingenuity, nuance, and playfulness

    The 26th annual Exhibition of Art by Michigan Prisoners is the largest of its kind in the world. U-M's Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) curated the free, public exhibition, which highlights the work of 392 artists from 26 state correctional facilities in Michigan. View the artwork in person at the Duderstadt Gallery, 2281 Bonisteel Blvd., through April 5. PCAP was founded in 1990 by Buzz Alexander, professor of English at U-M. Learn more about the program.
    • War Cry
    • The Uncreation
    • From Anger, Hope
    • Backgammon at the Beach
    • Grumpy Bird
    • Pulp Graffiti
  9. Leafing through the pages

    Join us inside U-M Library's Book Arts Studio with students from the Stamps School of Art and Design. They used local plants and a poem by Carl Lavigne to interweave the science of botany, the art of creative writing, and the craft of letterpress printing. (Click on each image to enlarge.)
    • Letterpress
    • Student prepares to place something on the page
    • A student places a leaf on the page
    • Students work the press
    • Prefer to bloom in winter
    • Long panel of pages