1. Spectrum Center: 50 and Fabulous

    In 1971, U-M opened the first center for the lesbian and gay community on a college campus. With sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression as its framework, the Spectrum Center staff strives for an inclusive campus community where social justice inspires engagement and equity. (All photos courtesy of the Spectrum Center.)
    • Marching band forms the words Love Wins
    • Students sit on the lawn to hear speakers at Gay Pride
    • Students in 1987 with Gay Pride banner
    • Spectrum crew with Rainbow flag
    • Students with signs about being gay
    • Jim Toy at ribbon cutting of Spectrum Center
  2. When student becomes teacher

    U-M students create impact far beyond the classroom, working with faculty to dispatch knowledge and expertise to schoolchildren, aspiring entrepreneurs, and community leaders seeking resources and support. This is Michigan.
    • Child with cochlear implant
    • Student at Earth Camp
    • High school students engage in medical simulation
    • Women welders
    • Michigan man twirls soccer ball
  3. We’re getting the band back together!

    It's that glorious time of year when a cruise past Elbel Field delivers the ultimate Wolverine playlist. Yes, it's true. The Michigan Marching Band has taken the field once again. Enjoy these images, provided by Isabel Jasperse, digital communications manager for the MMB.
    • Michigan Marching Band equipment on the ground
    • Drumline members practice on Hoover in the afternoon
    • Happy band members practice on the field 2021
    • Carl Grapentine visits the MMB in 2021
    • Drumline outside Revelli Hall
    • Kids watch the MMB practice at Elbel Field
  4. Painting the town

    Muralists in Ann Arbor love to spoil us with an ever-changing cityscape. Everywhere you look, beauty abounds. Prepare to behold.
    • Ouizi's Coneflowers at 200 S. Ashley
    • Pat Perry Mural near Grizzly Peak
    • Back exterior of Potbelly on State and Liberty
    • Ant Alley
    • Mural at Oxford/Magellan
    • Trees at Tomukun
  5. A breath of fresh awe

    Each spring, the University of Michigan Peony Garden on the Ann Arbor campus bursts into a stunning array of dazzling blooms. The blossoms' brief appearance in Nichols Arboretum is an annual reminder to celebrate nature's fleeting gifts with awe in your heart. (Images by Deb Holdship; text by Joseph Mooney.)
    • A bud
    • Longshot
  6. Let’s get real

    Though not a complete return to old-school commencement in Michigan Stadium, the Spring 2021 ceremony moved the most significant action off the screen and into the stands. As you can see, COVID-19 was no match for these graduates’ pride and joy. The images here are accompanied by quotes from past U-M commencement speakers. (Text was sourced by Rob Havey, communications specialist at U-M's Bentley Historical Library. All images are by Michigan Photography. Watch the 2021 commencement ceremony.)  
    • Michigan Stadium 2021
    • Guy celebrates graduation
    • Graduation cap celebrates faith
    • Women grads celebrate
    • Grads make M with their hands
  7. Hoop dreams and dreamers

    With head coaches Juwan Howard and Kim Barnes Arico as their leaders, talented Michigan athletes gave it their all this season to bring joy back to the fans of college basketball. All images can be found in galleries at
    • Coach Howard and Men's Basketball team, 2021 (against Rutgers)
    • Livers and Howard, 2021 (against Wisconsin)
    • Juwan Howard gets animated against Iowa
    • Howard celebrates BIG 10 Championship, 2021
    • Howard gives a thumbs-up at Wisconsin game
    • U-M beats MSU to take Big Ten Championship, 2021
  8. Power and picture-making

    ‘Framing identity: Representations of empowerment and resilience in the Black experience’ draws inspiration from Frederick Douglass’ views on the potential of photography as a tool for social change. Douglass connected photography to the evolution of community. Samantha Hill, 2019-21 Joyce Bonk Fellow and graduate student at the School of Information, developed the curatorial project at the Clements Library. Click any image to enlarge. View the full online exhibition.  
    • Douglass title page with portrait
    • Ballerina
    • Chapman
    • Older boys and girls via YMCA and YWCA
    • Soldier
    • Magazine cover
  9. The year in Michigan Medicine

    Though COVID-19 dominated headlines in 2020, countless other medical stories unfolded at Michigan Medicine last year. Enjoy these inspiring scenes from our health system. View the entire slideshow.
    • Basketball team
    • Augmented reality
    • Doc with pediatric patient
    • Mott Ultrasound
    • Girl in prosthetic lab
    • Nneka Mbah