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  1. Welcome to the third century

    U-M’s bicentennial in 2017 inspired a blitz of creativity, productivity, and celebration. Enjoy these highlights from the year we turned 200 together.
  2. The ‘real’ real world

    U-M is the nation’s top-rated public university, so it should surprise no one that Wolverines embrace public engagement with a passion.
  3. Aesthetic: Kinetic

    Weight: 14,000 pounds. Height: 25 feet. 3 Cubes in a Seven Axis Relationship is a newly installed ‘kinetic sculpture’ twisting and turning in front of the G. G. Brown Building on North Campus. (Images: Joseph Xu. Text: Angela Wegrecki.)
  4. In the good old summertime

    Enjoy these summery scenes of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum. This guy certainly is. (Images: Scott Soderberg, Michigan Photography.)
  5. Ad it up

    Open the Michigan Daily's digital archive and embark on a journey through time. Not only will you take a deep dive into the life story of the University, but you'll get a vision of the action unfolding around town. Print ads for restaurants, clothing stores, booksellers, and more reveal Ann Arbor's unique character through type, art, and language. All images courtesy of the Michigan Daily digital archive via U-M's Bentley Historical Library.
  6. Colorful, captivating Cuba

    Roger Hart, director of Michigan Photography, recently accompanied a group of students and professors from the School of Music, Theatre & Dance on a musical odyssey to Cuba. While he spent most of the week focusing on the students as they explored the rich Cuban culture, he did have a few moments to turn his cameras on some of the more colorful sights in the island nation. Enjoy! (All images and text by Roger Hart.)
  7. True blue

    ICYMI: A multimedia extravaganza of maize and blue lit up Hill Auditorium April 8 as passionate Wolverines gathered for U-M’s Bicentennial Spring Festival. And while these pictures paint a thousand words, here's a video of the entire program. Hail! (Images: Michigan Photography.)
  8. Milestones and ‘miracles’

    From the clinical trials that demonstrated the effectiveness of the polio vaccine to pioneering work on 3-d holograms, U-M research has had a profound impact on modern society. (See a more extensive timeline at U-M’s Office of Research.)