Research News

  1. Social media: Top setting tips to promote positive boundaries, mental health for young people

    Experts share tech savvy ways to better manage and control social media use on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for youth, teens and kids.

  2. 1 in 10 older Americans has dementia

    A new study aims to give more precise prevalence estimates for both dementia and mild cognitive impairment. It is the first nationally representative study of cognitive impairment in more than 20 years.

  3. Expert: 4 ways Americans can keep their vote secure and accurate

    Computer science professor J. Alex Halderman, one of the nation’s foremost election security experts, says experts have been so waylaid by years debunking false claims of election fraud that little has improved since 2020. Here are his tips to protect your vote in 2022.

  4. The undergrads who are battling a mysterious childhood cancer

    LSA and U-M undergrads, as well as recent graduates, work in a lab at Michigan Medicine to find a cure for the always-fatal DIPG brain cancer. Undaunted by statistics, they strive to create a path to survival.

  5. Sexual assault related ER visits increase more than tenfold

    The rise in people seeking emergency medical care after sexual assault outpaces the growth of law enforcement reporting, study suggests.

  6. Should you get an over-the-counter hearing aid or see a hearing specialist?

    Last month, the FDA announced hearing aids will soon be available for purchase over the counter for adults with “mild to moderate hearing loss.” U-M audiology expert weighs in.

  7. Tangled up in view

    She’s an arachnologist, a UM-Dearborn professor, and a producer of ‘adult content’ starring countless eight-legged lovers. Anne Danielson-Francois films the bizarre mating rituals of creepy crawlers to better understand the competition between males and females over who controls fertilization.

  8. Dinosaur-killing asteroid triggered global tsunami

    The miles-wide asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago wiped out roughly three-quarters of the planet’s plant and animal species. Meanwhile, a monstrous tsunami scoured the ocean floor thousands of miles from impact.

  9. Preparing for climate-change migrants

    “Climate migrants” are on the move as frequent natural disasters upend their lives and routines. The Great Lakes region could see an influx in population as a result; U-M has tools for planning.