Research News

  1. Can emoji use be the key in detecting remote-work burnout?

    Taking the emotional temperature of your co-workers is easier when you spend your days in an office. But as remote work takes off, tracking the emotions of remote workers can be a challenge. Cue that adorable emoji.

  2. 21 research takeways from ’21

    Pandemic-related stories may dominate the news, but these other significant findings and developments at U-M also deserve attention.

  3. Winter Grab: Dozens of Great Lakes scientists study ‘the changing face of winter’

    Scientists from more than a dozen U.S. and Canadian institutions are braving the elements to sample all five Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair in a first-of-its-kind coordinated campaign called the Winter Grab.

  4. 1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery could quintuple electric vehicle ranges

    A new biologically inspired battery membrane has enabled a battery with five times the capacity of the industry-standard lithium ion design to run for the thousand-plus cycles needed to power an electric car.

  5. Spray-on coating could make solar panels snow-resistant

    Researchers have demonstrated an inexpensive, clear coating that reduced snow and ice accumulation on solar panels, enabling them to generate up to 85% more energy.

  6. U-M, Humotech partner to bring open-source bionic leg to research labs

    First released in 2019, the open-source leg’s free-to-copy design is intended to accelerate scientific advances by offering a unified platform to fragmented research efforts across the field of bionics.

  7. $30M gift to establish the Ronald Weiser Center for Prostate Cancer at Michigan Medicine

    The center will be a clinically focused entity within the Rogel Cancer Center that combines expertise from three departments — Urology, Radiation Oncology and Radiology — with representatives from each discipline collaborating and serving in leadership roles.

  8. In the digital era, you are not alone

    Solitude traditionally has been defined as being physically separated from other people. But as the world becomes increasingly mediated, it’s time to rethink what ‘being alone’ really means.

  9. More weapons in U.S. homes since pandemic

    Days before a 15-year-old allegedly killed four students and wounded others at an Oxford, Mich., high school, his father purchased the firearm used in the attack. A U-M study shows gun ownership among parents of teens spiked with the pandemic.