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Research News

  1. Working students see academic benefit

    Investment in Detroit youth pays off for students struggling with academics.

  2. Gonna fly now

    With its outdoor fly lab for drone testing, U-M now hosts advanced robotics facilities for land, air, sea, and space. Plus: Robotics building breaks ground.

  3. Noble Nobel in space

    In 1976, Samuel C.C. Ting discovered a particle that changed physics. In 2018, he’s working on the most sophisticated particle physics experiment in space.

  4. Get moving to get happier

    Researchers examine which aspects of physical activity are associated with happiness, and which populations are likely to benefit from the effects.

  5. What do older adults think about medical marijuana?

    Most accept its use with doctor’s recommendation, but want more research, U-M/AARP National Poll on Healthy Aging finds.

  6. Helping to explain how the brain regulates body weight

    Diverse perspectives drive discovery in Roger Cone’s lab at the Life Sciences Institute.

  7. Sweet dreams

    From parasomnia to PTSD, U-M sleep researcher seeks to unlock the secret world of dreams.

  8. Why more men get vasectomies during March Madness

    Many men schedule their downtime to watch college basketball. A Michigan Medicine expert explains.

  9. Detroit's dark secret: Slavery

    U-M historian chronicles a time in Detroit’s history when Native Americans and African Americans were considered property.