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Research News

  1. Should doctors accept unvaccinated children as patients?

    U-M study suggests 41 percent of parents may seek new provider because of unvaccinated children at their doctor’s office.

  2. Professional services, health care top industries for U-M graduates

    Data reveal which fields of study and degree levels produce the highest numbers of graduates who stay in Michigan to pursue their careers.

  3. U-M takes mental health care to teens around the state

    The U-M program TRAILS works with Michigan schools to provide effective mental health resources to students impacted by depression and anxiety. TRAILS is offered in 145 schools across the state.

  4. The opioid epidemic: Now what?

    Inside U-M’s varied approaches to fighting the epidemic, including innovations in both prevention and treatment — and why there might be “great reason for hope.”

  5. Junk food junkies

    It’s not easy to kick a bad habit, especially if that habit involves carbohydrates and sugar. Psychology professor Ashley Gearhardt says if one can stave off cravings for at least five days, the chance of success increases.

  6. Gene therapy targets mutation tied to blindness

    Advances yield alternative options for treating a rare, inherited retinal condition, giving new tools to specialists — and genuine hope to patients and families facing vision loss.

  7. ‘Lego guy’ brings STEM to Mott kids

    A custom robotics kit offers distraction and entertainment while teaching tech skills to hospitalized youngsters. Alum John McInerney hopes to scale the program through his Ann Arbor venture, Buildup Mobile.

  8. Your incredible shrinking cortex

    Fretting about brain function as you get older? Fear not, says U-M psychologist Thad Polk. The brain doesn’t take age-related deficits lying down.

  9. Creature feature

    U-M biologists capture super-creepy photos of Amazon spiders making meals of frogs, lizards, and small mammals. Beware: It’s the stuff of nightmares. For real.