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Editor’s Blog

  1. Who’s with me?

    That feeling you’re fighting? It’s called languishing, according to ‘The New York Times.’

  2. Art and the heart

    COIVD-19 is ravaging our nation’s prisons as U-M challenges society (and me) to connect with inmates’ humanity through art.

  3. Tomorrow’s fish-and-chip papers

    The ‘Michigan Today’ comments section always delivers drama and delight. The past two months have been a study in extremes.

  4. A feature, not a bug

    The first time I heard the term ‘fake news,’ I was insulted. This month, I was devastated.

  5. Miracle workers

    Miracles are in our DNA at U-M, including that famous one involving a bearded man on 34th Street.

  6. Food, glorious food

    I once considered myself a ‘starving student,’ but I had no idea. Food insecurity on college campuses is real.

  7. Marching to the beat of a different drum

    Resilience is the order of the day at Michigan, COVID or no COVID.

  8. Nothing beats the real thing

    From COVID-19 to a contentious GEO strike, ‘Michigan Daily’ reporters certainly got a taste of the really-real world this month.

  9. Rock steady

    As our world spins seemingly out of control, the Rock reminds us to roll with the times.