Editor’s Blog

  1. Do you like my hat?

    There’s nothing like a little pomp and circumstance. Bring on the rowdy protesters and undercover security guards.

  2. Sending thoughts and prayers — and research, research, research

    Here’s an idea: Let’s add ‘research’ to those ‘thoughts and prayers’ on social media. 

  3. Up in smoke, or should we say ‘vape?’

    A devastating fire in Ann Arbor destroyed a restaurant that once was home to the iconic Canterbury House. 

  4. Merry maize and blue

    As excitement mounts for peak college football, Michigan Today offers entertaining options for the non-sports fan.

  5. Engineers are people too

    As a tech-averse creative, I am fully on board with the College of Engineering’s new ‘people-first’ approach.

  6. Home(coming) is where the heart is

    Remember how much you loved this place? You’re welcome any time.

  7. A site for sore eyes

    Fleming’s demise has this editor mourning a monument to student activism.

  8. We’re back, baby

    Shakespeare, hammocks, and Top of the Park. Summer in Ann Arbor is back, baby. Well, almost.

  9. I’m in the book

    There’s something to be said for seeing your name in print.