Editor’s Blog

  1. A gentle obsession

    Summer is coming to a close and the chaos on campus is ramping up. Overwhelmed? Think bog.

  2. Well, how did I get here?

    The writer’s life is filled with the most curious invitations and the most fascinating people.

  3. What’s all this about tin shacks and trapezoids?

    Working on a college campus in the summer drives home that essential truth: Nothing lasts forever. Or does it?

  4. She made the Arb a stage

    Shakespeare in the Arb creator Kate Mendeloff left the most delightful legacy at U-M.

  5. Do you like my hat?

    There’s nothing like a little pomp and circumstance. Bring on the rowdy protesters and undercover security guards.

  6. Sending thoughts and prayers — and research, research, research

    Here’s an idea: Let’s add ‘research’ to those ‘thoughts and prayers’ on social media. 

  7. Up in smoke, or should we say ‘vape?’

    A devastating fire in Ann Arbor destroyed a restaurant that once was home to the iconic Canterbury House. 

  8. Merry maize and blue

    As excitement mounts for peak college football, Michigan Today offers entertaining options for the non-sports fan.

  9. Engineers are people too

    As a tech-averse creative, I am fully on board with the College of Engineering’s new ‘people-first’ approach.