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Editor’s Blog

  1. Shut up and listen

    That’s the biggest challenge for any storyteller, especially the chatty ones.

  2. There’s always a sequel in the works

    Greetings from the kitchen table, where all the magic happens. We’ve got a few changes to report at Michigan Today.

  3. Keeping it weird

    Even though it’s shut down, A2 is doing its best to keep things weird.

  4. Cancel culture sucks

    So, we’ve embraced cancel culture to fight coronavirus. Great.

  5. The zig-zag line of progress

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Not great when you’re dealing with the climate.

  6. Bringing the outside in

    Forget the ivory tower. U-M is all about collaboration in an open-air atrium.

  7. It’s just a number

    Another year ends and I must face a cruel reality. I get older; the students stay the same age.

  8. Go flu

    As flu season kicks up, Jim Tobin reminds us there’s another reason to say “Go Blue.”

  9. Forever young

    Working on a college campus keeps you forever young. (In your mind at least.)