Editor’s Blog

  1. Mighty mentor in maize

    Mentors, role models, and wise sages abound at U-M. First-team All-American Naz Hillmon is the one I’m watching.

  2. When will we ever learn?

    As the war in Ukraine rages, medical historians at U-M have fresh concerns about COVID-19 and other ‘zoonotic’ spillover events. So do I.

  3. Define ‘interesting’

    ‘May you live in interesting times,’ the proverb says. Sounds more like a curse.

  4. At what point do we get to cancel COVID?

    The COVID-19 booster does, in fact, boost, but Season Two of the pandemic is still a drag. A well-known drag.

  5. A lot can happen in 50 years

    In 1971, it took an actual Beatle to get you out of jail for marijuana possession.

  6. Welcome to the zombie apocalypse

    The return to work on campus signals a new era in this bizarre pandemic.

  7. There is a season

    Pete Seeger’s nod to the Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes resonates as the vaxxed and masked return to campus.

  8. Game of chants

    You know Ann Arbor is embracing its pre-pandemic self when you hear the Hare Krishnas chanting at Art Fair.

  9. Let’s beat the selfishness pandemic

    Now that the vaccinated can move freely without fear of imminent death, it’s time to address another pandemic: Selfishness.