Editor’s Blog

  1. Game of chants

    You know Ann Arbor is embracing its pre-pandemic self when you hear the Hare Krishnas chanting at Art Fair.

  2. Let’s beat the selfishness pandemic

    Now that the vaccinated can move freely without fear of imminent death, it’s time to address another pandemic: Selfishness.

  3. Who’s with me?

    That feeling you’re fighting? It’s called languishing, according to ‘The New York Times.’

  4. Art and the heart

    COIVD-19 is ravaging our nation’s prisons as U-M challenges society (and me) to connect with inmates’ humanity through art.

  5. Tomorrow’s fish-and-chip papers

    The ‘Michigan Today’ comments section always delivers drama and delight. The past two months have been a study in extremes.

  6. A feature, not a bug

    The first time I heard the term ‘fake news,’ I was insulted. This month, I was devastated.

  7. Miracle workers

    Miracles are in our DNA at U-M, including that famous one involving a bearded man on 34th Street.

  8. Food, glorious food

    I once considered myself a ‘starving student,’ but I had no idea. Food insecurity on college campuses is real.

  9. Marching to the beat of a different drum

    Resilience is the order of the day at Michigan, COVID or no COVID.