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Editor’s Blog

  1. Senior year

    One of the joys I have as editor of ‘Michigan Today’ is hearing from U-M alumni in their golden years.

  2. Summer on campus

    It’s summer in Ann Arbor, and you know what that means: construction, construction, construction.

  3. A little help from my friends

    It’s been 50 years since Woodstock transformed the cultural trajectory of popular music. Were you at Yasgur’s Farm? Do tell.

  4. A gift from the editorial gods

    Storytellers often preface an outrageous tale with the disclaimer: “You couldn’t make this stuff up.” And they’re usually right.

  5. Podcasters’ delight

    Podcasts are popping up all over campus. Here’s a handful we suggest for U-M fans who like to listen.

  6. Super exciting

    Former Wolverine Tom Brady logs his third consecutive Super Bowl and Michigan Today wraps its 25th podcast. Coincidence?

  7. Present tense

    From Bill Freehan to the Empire State Building, U-M is connected to almost every cool thing in the universe.

  8. Michigan yesterday

    Sometimes it is preferable to live in the past, especially when the present is a bit too ugly to handle.

  9. Please pass the magic brownies

    The doctor is in . . . At the Michigan News holiday gift exchange in December, I received the booby prize from the one staffer who did not get the memo that gifts were supposed to be “serious.” So instead of the coveted bottle of high-end booze or the fancy French Press, I tore open Read more