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  1. Michigan yesterday

    Sometimes it is preferable to live in the past, especially when the present is a bit too ugly to handle.

  2. Please pass the magic brownies

    The doctor is in . . . At the Michigan News holiday gift exchange in December, I received the booby prize from the one staffer who did not get the memo that gifts were supposed to be “serious.” So instead of the coveted bottle of high-end booze or the fancy French Press, I tore open Read more

  3. Well, that's embarrassing

    There’s nothing like editing a mistake into one of your favorite writer’s copy. . .

  4. #Trypod

    Ever tried to “do the thing you think you cannot do?” It’s exhausting. But in a good way. Right?

  5. Feel free to comment

    It’s not over till it’s over, MT readers. This issue has a great story that continues well into the comments section. Read on!

  6. Hoping for better

    Are kids today just “snowflakes” who need unprecedented coddling?

  7. Theme and variations

    A recurring and unintentional thread about leadership can be found running through this most-recent tapestry of content.

  8. A little harsh against Michigan?

    Heritage writer James Tobin, a three-time U-M alumnus, delivers a story that one reader feels does not belong in a U-M publication. Not surprisingly, Tobin disagrees.

  9. "A spirit of open and civil discourse"

    Discourse, dissent, debate. It’s all good, and it’s all in the Michigan Today “comments” section.