Arts & Culture

  1. Cannupa Hanska Luger ‘GIFTS’ U-M campus with public art installation

    The installation refers to the 1817 Treaty of Fort Meigs, which states that Ottawa, Chippewa, and Potawatomi tribes gifted the land to U-M upon which the Ann Arbor campus stands. The work contributes to a campuswide initiative to challenge University history.

  2. Danielle Scarpulla: The beauty in fashion and in Stamps

    This Italy-based fashion designer and Stamps grad has experience working in luxury shoe design but is now breaking into linens and textiles to help add special flair to one’s home and wardrobe. She shares insights on breaking into the fashion industry and adapting as it evolves.

  3. Two sides of the coin: Endi Poskovic on “Arts & Resistance”

    The Fall 2023 Theme Semester — Arts & Resistance — reflects how creativity and making can arise from oppression and destruction. Arts & Resistance has generated public performances, courses, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, and mini-grants for students campuswide.

  4. A dream of fundamental justice

    In 1900, the Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians lost their land and rightful place as a sovereign nation. Today, with input from other Native voices, an Ojibwe artist highlights the tribe’s history and current bid for federal reaffirmation in an exhibition at the U-M Museum of Art.

  5. From Hopwood to Hollywood to joy in the morning

    She fled the tenements of Brooklyn in the 1920s to follow her boyfriend to the U-M Law School. She got married, struggled to blend in with the coeds, and sought refuge in the library when things went awry. Then, Betty Smith, the future author of ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ met playwright and professor Kenneth Thorpe Rowe. His mentorship set her on a path that produced the bestselling novel of 1944.

  6. Live Coal: Bringing the spark for artists and neighborhoods

    Live Coal Gallery in Detroit is a safe place for young artists to create and express their artistry to the world — and has had an impact on more than a thousand students since its founding. Creator Yvette Rock, MFA ’99, says she takes children under her wing (like the young artist above) because she knows they’ll be steered away from the arts as they get older.

  7. ‘Do not be distracted by the insanity of the world’

    After a 30-year career in Michigan Athletics, Greg Harden (aka ‘Michigan’s secret weapon’) delivers ‘Stay Sane in An Insane World: How to Control the Controllables and Thrive,’ a book of life lessons culled from such champions as Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Desmond Howard, and more.

  8. A match made on Broadway: From roommates to castmates

    As a pair of married ghosts in the Broadway touring company of ‘Beetlejuice,’ college roommates and 2011 SMTD graduates Will Burton and Britney Coleman come to the stage with that ‘thing’ so essential to musical comedy: Chemistry.

  9. Reviving the lost work of a groundbreaking Black composer

    Doctor of Musical Arts candidate Bryan Ijames followed his ear, his heart, and some scholarly detective work to resurrect a forgotten piece by composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.