Arts & Culture

  1. Baker’s choice: Controlled substance or ‘controlled science’?

    Entrepreneur Janie Deegan, BFA ’09, struggled with addiction and homelessness until she combined her love of baking with a degree in theater to create Janie Bakes. Since 2015, this culinary artist has been serving up “life-changing baked goods” and plenty of inspiration in her three New York locations.

  2. Futuristic technology reveals secrets in ancient Vesuvius Scrolls

    When Italy’s Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79, it buried the palatial villa of Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus, Julius Caesar’s father-in-law. These black and brittle papyri may look like charred croissants, but U-M classicist Richard Janko believes they contain lost masterpieces of literature, history, and philosophy.

  3. George Gershwin’s first musical rediscovered after nearly a century

    Performances by students at U-M’s School of Music, Theatre & Dance mark the first recordings with full orchestration of music from “La, La, Lucille,” George Gershwin’s first complete score, written when he was just 21 years old. The production opened on Broadway in May 1919, toured the Northeast in 1920 and California in 1922, and then was lost to history.

  4. New commission, world premiere: ‘When the Caged Bird Sings’

    Drawing inspiration from the Black church, American composer Nkeiru Oko fuses elements of oratorio, theater, and opera to celebrate the spirit of rising above expectations. Partly in tribute to the activist and poet laureate Maya Angelou, the work celebrates the transformative ability of Black women. Hill Auditorium: Feb 10.

  5. Art or infrastructure? Depends on the climate

    ‘Migration Stage,’ an outdoor installation along Seattle’s Elliot Bay, serves a once-and-future purpose, says artist Buster Simpson, MFA ’69. Its movable ‘kit of parts’ provides a unique place to gather, while it functions as ‘sea armor’ to protect shoreline infrastructure against extreme storms. (Image credit: Joe Freeman Jr.)

  6. MLK Symposium gets underway with best-selling author, legal scholar, and social justice advocate

    U-M’s annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium kicked off Jan. 15 with memorial keynote lecturer Michelle Alexander. The theme of the 2024 symposium is “Transforming the Jangling Discords of Our Nation into a Beautiful Symphony.”

  7. UM-Dearborn alum shines on the Detroit Lions Drumline

    The Lions’ breakout season is making DeAndre Hicks’ first year with the team’s “Honolulu Boom” percussion group a memorable one. Joining the drumline was a lifelong dream for this social media specialist at U-M’s Center for Academic Innovation.

  8. Christmas, Crosby, and ‘the Code’

    Michigan’s William Clements Library — one of the world’s leading archives of U.S. history and Americana — holds a small but fascinating cache of papers of the singer and actor Bing Crosby, including several items linked to the holiday movie classic, ‘White Christmas.’

  9. Braiding an identity from history and challah

    Baker and blogger Marissa Wojcik, BA ’16, combines her love of Jewish family tradition with a streak of culinary curiosity to adapt centuries-old recipes for the modern-day foodie. Pass the Canadian Poutine Challah, and try the Chicago Hot Dog Babka.