Arts & Culture

  1. Giving music: Alum shares violin and life lessons

    Clara Hardie, U-M grad and Detroit resident, co-founded Detroit Youth Volume in 2010, a mixed-income Suzuki violin program that offers scholarships and extra support for lower income students seeking classical music training.

  2. Proof of life force

    Coping with loss during COVID is crushing. But filmmaker Amy Moore, BA ’83, and arts curator Amanda Krugliak, BFA ’84, found joy amid the sorrow. They conceived a whimsical installation in Moore’s home to celebrate its late designer, Lance Lawlor, MFA ’75.

  3. Music mattered most: How a medical team granted this patient’s wish

    To ease the pain of this musician’s medical journey, his support team at Michigan Medicine connected him to the Gifts of Art program. They fulfilled David Labelle’s wish to play the grand piano in University Hospital before he passed away.

  4. Actor Wendell Pierce on art’s tangible effect

    Technology does not inhibit our humanity, says actor Wendell Pierce, co-star of the digital production “Some Old Black Man,” presented this month by UMS. “It actually amplifies our humanity in a different platform.”

  5. So… What would Benedict Arnold do?

    Unlike the spotlight-seeking insurrectionists of 2021, Benedict Arnold committed treason in secret. His original, coded correspondence at the William L. Clements Library reveals a far more sophisticated form of treachery than we saw Jan. 6

  6. UMS premieres ‘Some Old Black Man,’ filmed at Detroit’s Jam Handy

    Actor Wendell Pierce joins UMS production that offers a new way of imagining live theater in a lingering pandemic that has shuttered in-person arts experiences nationwide.

  7. Hooray for Hollywood and … UM-Dearborn

    Dale and Anne Thomson’s Detroit home recently played host to actors Ray Liotta and Benicio Del Toro, who star in a new Steven Soderbergh film. The picture, which is set in 1950s Detroit, features several area locations.

  8. Mural, exhibition celebrates labor of Black women in America

    Detroit artist Sydney James showcases large-scale portraits in a virtual exhibit that repositions society’s narrative of working Black women from “less than or least of” to “deeply valued.”

  9. On the road again

    Adam Brewster, BA ’12, balks at the concept of ‘election fatigue.’ He’s covering the 2020 presidential campaign as a CBS reporter in Iowa, Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin.