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Health Yourself

  1. How does long-distance running affect you?

    What can the myth of Pheidippides teach us about endurance training?

  2. Managing chronic kidney disease

    Victor Katch offers diet, health, and lifestyle modifications for people with CKD.

  3. Meatless meat meet-and-greet

    Victor Katch takes a bite out of those meatless ‘meat products’ on your menu.

  4. The connection crisis

    A global syndemic of obesity, undernutrition, and climate change is reducing the healthy-life expectancy of humans.

  5. It’s raining plastic

    Victor Katch assesses the threat microplastics present to human health. Hint: It’s bad.

  6. Just HIIT it

    Victor Katch kicks it up a notch with a leap into the world of high-intensity interval training.

  7. Balancing act

    Walking upright becomes more challenging with age. Vic Katch discusses balance disorders and shares tips to reduce fall risk.

  8. Facial rejuvenation

    Victor Katch explains the process of facial aging and describes treatment options.

  9. Let them eat legumes

    In this ode to legumes, Victor Katch says those who are able to eat peanuts should take advantage of this food’s health benefits.