Health Yourself

  1. Are we having fun yet?

    Victor Katch seeks to answer the essential question that has challenged people since time began.

  2. What’s the dope on psychedelic science? Part 2

    Vic Katch concludes his two-part series about the expanding field of scientific research into ‘psychedelics’ as medicine.

  3. What’s the dope on psychedelic science?

    Vic Katch explores the uptick in research around ‘psychedelic’ drugs.

  4. A rude awakening: How to handle night-time muscle cramps

    Vic Katch climbs down from his ‘charley horse’ with some valuable advice.

  5. Eating for the environment

    Caring about the planet can taste very good, says Victor Katch.

  6. No bones about it

    If you are older than 50, you need to know about osteoporosis.

  7. What a pain in the butt

    Vic Katch shepherds readers through one of the more unpleasant and unspoken conditions many humans endure.

  8. Understanding arthritis

    Arthritis: It’s only one word but it represents a variety of unique conditions, says Vic Katch.

  9. Move along, dementia

    Hoping to ward off dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease? Get moving if you can, suggests Vic Katch.