Health Yourself

  1. So much for farm to table … We’ve got lab to table now

    Who’s ready to eat chicken that scientists ‘hatched’ in a lab and not from an egg?

  2. I can see clearly now. Can you?

    To see or not to see: That is the question for Victor Katch… and us.

  3. It’s time to rethink food labels

    Rising prices are not the only challenge consumers face in today’s grocery aisle.

  4. Getting a leg up on sciatica and piriformis syndrome

    Victor Katch compares and contrasts sciatica and piriformis syndrome and explains how to ease that pain in your butt.

  5. Intermittent fasting: What you need to know

    Victor Katch discusses how fasting and feeding may help you reboot immune function and resolve dietary-related diseases.

  6. Get poked: Does acupuncture work?

    Victor Katch reviews what “modern” Western science reveals about acupuncture’s effectiveness and whether it’s worth a try.

  7. Are we having fun yet?

    Victor Katch seeks to answer the essential question that has challenged people since time began.

  8. What’s the dope on psychedelic science? Part 2

    Vic Katch concludes his two-part series about the expanding field of scientific research into ‘psychedelics’ as medicine.

  9. What’s the dope on psychedelic science?

    Vic Katch explores the uptick in research around ‘psychedelic’ drugs.