Health Yourself

  1. Should the iceman cometh?

    How effective is ice in treating injured, sore, or inflamed muscles? Victor Katch revisits this age-old remedy.

  2. Doctoring, DIY style

    Victor Katch examines the pros and cons of do-it-yourself home medical tests.

  3. The dirt on ‘clean cosmetics’

    Vic Katch unveils the dirt on ‘clean cosmetics’ and discusses the little-known hazards of personal care products.

  4. Healthy pets, healthy people

    Get a pet and call me in the morning, says Victor Katch.

  5. Become a wellness champion

    Victor Katch leaves readers with his secret recipe of how to become a wellness champion.

  6. Need milk?

    Victor Katch discusses the latest research on dairy intake and adult health.

  7. How does long-distance running affect you?

    What can the myth of Pheidippides teach us about endurance training?

  8. Managing chronic kidney disease

    Victor Katch offers diet, health, and lifestyle modifications for people with CKD.

  9. Meatless meat meet-and-greet

    Victor Katch takes a bite out of those meatless ‘meat products’ on your menu.