Talking About Science

  1. A bug's life

    Farting beetles, exploding sea urchins, and sex-crazed bed bugs: It’s all in a day’s work for “science nerd” Liz Wason, MS ’09/PhD ’12.

  2. Turning red light blue

    How the bored doodles of a U-M professor 50 years ago led to revolutionary discoveries.

  3. Finding Pluto

    The true story of the kid who turned a wild goose chase into one of the 20th century’s unlikeliest discoveries.

  4. The expanding universe

    Video: physicist Tim McKay tells the mind – boggling story of how we know the universe is expanding.

  5. A world without ice

    Geophysics professor Henry Pollack explains how scientists know that CO2 is at its highest level in 800,000 years, and what it means for the planet.

  6. A different kind of energy savings

    Energy makes everything we do possible, but its essence is elusive. Still, we know some basic truths about how it behaves.

  7. What is plasma?

    U-M’s Alec Gallimore describes the fourth state of matter and explains why it’s important.

  8. Cold snap

    What does this year’s frigid winter tell us about climate change?

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