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Health Yourself

  1. The environment is hurting, and so are we

    There’s something in the air (and the water and the ground), and we need to watch out, says Victor Katch.

  2. A toast to your health

    Victor Katch suggests we rethink our drinking in this overview of alcohol and health.

  3. Cannabis and health: Part 2

    Vic Katch reviews evidence-based science to illuminate the medical benefits and side effects of cannabis.

  4. Cannabis and health: Part 1

    Vic Katch reviews the history of cannabis use, its many ingredients, and its therapeutic applications.

  5. Whole-food, plant-based nutrition

    Why should you become a whole-food, plant-based eater?

  6. Seeking nutrition advice?

    Don’t rely solely on your physician, says Victor Katch.

  7. Toxic training

    Victor Katch explores the damage pollution wreaks on our health.

  8. The anti-aging effects of exercise

    Vic Katch shares ways in which regular physical activity can work as a fountain of youth.

  9. Subtracting additives

    Victor Katch runs down the good, the bad, and the awful about food additives and health.