Research News

  1. As Medicaid continues post-pandemic ‘unwinding,’ U-M report cites benefits of expansion

    At a pivotal time for Medicaid health coverage for Americans with low incomes, a report on the impacts of Michigan’s Medicaid expansion shows very positive effects, as well as opportunities for continued improvements.

  2. The rise of AI

    Artificial intelligence is dominating headlines — enabling new innovations that drive business performance — yet the negative implications for society remain an afterthought. Hear from experts at the Ross School of Business about this “fourth industrial revolution.” And fasten your seat belts, Wolverines. As Bette Davis once advised: “It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

  3. Dementia becomes an emergency 1.4 million times a year

    Accidents and behavioral disturbances lead the list of reasons for ER visits. And with about 6 million Americans currently estimated to have dementia, there’s a lot of opportunity to prevent future emergency visits by better supporting dementia caregivers, say U-M researchers.

  4. Modest moss supports billions of tons of carbon storage

    Did you know that over its lifetime, a tree can absorb more than a ton of carbon from the air and store it in wood and roots? Researchers now contend that mosses have the potential to store a massive amount of carbon in the soil beneath them, an important antidote to climate change.

  5. An eye on the sky

    The Extremely Large Telescope (or ELT) could change everything we know about the universe — including how the first galaxies were created and where life on other planets may exist. And U-M is the only U.S. university involved in helping develop it.

  6. A surprisingly simple way to foil car thieves

    Skyrocketing vehicle theft rates have drawn attention to an inconvenient truth: the increasing amount of technology in our vehicles can make them more vulnerable to hacking or theft. U-M researchers have found a solution, though, leveraging perhaps the lowest-tech feature of today’s vehicles — the cigarette lighter.

  7. Unlocking the mind

    Imagine an everyday brain-computer interface, where brain activity is translated into actionable insights. Two U-M alums behind the startup Neurable plan to make neurotechnology easily accessible to everyone, everywhere, so humans can participate in the world in a completely new way.

  8. After the raid

    The unseen effects of confinement and other carceral control policies extend far beyond a prison’s walls, says Professor Heather Ann Thompson. LSA’s Carceral State Project aims to document and confront forces of carceral control, through both scholarship and community action.

  9. State awards U-M $1M for Michigan School Safety Initiative

    State support will allow U-M teams to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of Michigan schools, evaluate the effectiveness of existing school safety actions and convene a Michigan-specific school safety advisory board.