A new weapon against HIV

Researchers have discovered an antibiotic molecule that enables the immune system to kill HIV-infected cells. Now the quest begins to optimize the compound and move closer to a viable therapy.

  1. The strategic suffragist

    When meeting with political adversaries, she made lace to appear ‘completely domestic.’ But Lucia V. Grimes, BA 1902/MA 1906, was a canny organizer who pioneered a legislative ‘pressure system’ that propelled ratification of the 19th Amendment. She even enlisted her daughter in the movement (above).

  2. ‘Mail Art’ project offers methaphorical transport

    The U-M and Ann Arbor libraries are supporting the U.S. Postal Service in September. Creative ‘mail artists’ are asked to conceive and write a postcard to their future selves, describing this unprecedented time in history. An exhibit will follow.

  3. Promising new test could advance Alzheimer’s treatment

    A new blood test may detect this harrowing disease before symptoms appear, which would offer an affordable alternative to the brain imaging and behavioral tests that often fail to identify Alzheimer’s in its earliest stages.

  4. ‘I feel so safe underwater’

    A battle is blowing on the trade winds as marine biologist Cathy Church, BS ’67, takes on the luxury cruise industry in Grand Cayman.

  5. Fight the policy, not the politician

    The presidential election is near, but it’s no time to ease up on Black Lives Matter and other social movements, says Mary Frances Berry, PhD ’66/JD ’70/HLLD ’97. The author of ‘History Teaches Us to Protest’ says the fight to change policy is just beginning.

  6. On my obsession with Michigan football

    For sports fan Dr. Jerry Kolins, BS ’68, Wolverine football is more religion than sport. The Big House has long been his cathedral where he finds connection, redemption, and transcendence. Now what?