1. Strike up the band

    More than 400 U-M alums are teaching ‘more than music’ in elementary, middle, and high school music classrooms throughout Michigan.

  2. Crisis in the Middle East: Experts discuss impact

    U-M’s Juan Cole and Michael Traugott address the repercussions and long-term implications of the killing of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani.

  3. Three in one: How U-M created the academic medical center

    In the mid-1800s, U-M became the first institution to combine patient care with medical education and research.

  4. A new drug slows aging in mice. What about us?

    U-M researchers are seeing success with anti-aging drugs in the lab. Potential exists to postpone age-related diseases in humans and extend lifespan.

  5. U-M reports record $1.62B in FY19 research spending

    Priorities reflect U-M’s focus on serving society: preventing chronic disease, addressing the opioid crisis, protecting the Great Lakes, and more.

  6. Migratory birds shrinking as climate warms

    A four-decade record shows North American birds are getting smaller and their wings are getting longer. Both changes appear to be responses to the climate.