‘The Michigan’s’ mighty comeback

Dramatic shot of a hockey player on an outdoor ice rink with mountain in the background. The player wears maize.

A new ESPN documentary from Jon Fish, BA ’95, documents the trajectory of Mike Legg’s heart-stopping play that secured the 1996 NCAA title for Red Berenson’s Wolverines. After fading into obscurity for nearly three decades, Legg’s move ‘the Michigan’ is back with a vengeance, changing the game at every level.

  1. Brad Meltzer, BA ’92, tells Class of 2024: ‘Unleash your kindness’

    2024 commencement speaker Brad Meltzer shares how magic provides insight to shape lives, aligning with classmate Desmond Howard (far left), and 2023 national champions Blake Corum and J.J. McCarthy, to drive home the point.

  2. University addresses potential commencement protests

    With the approach of Spring Commencement May 3, the University has emailed the Ann Arbor campus community and the families of prospective graduates regarding possible campus protests. The University seeks to ensure that “graduates are able to experience the joyous and celebratory event they deserve,” the message stated.

  3. Rolling the dice on addiction

    College sports deliver some of the most thrilling moments in athletics. But it’s not all fun and games for gambling addicts whose fortunes rise and fall with each contest. Now, as online betting becomes more popular and accessible, college students are increasingly vulnerable to getting hooked, warn U-M experts.

  4. ‘On a scale of 1 to 5, are you….’

    How do people feel about the president? The new laundry detergent? The state of the world? Prior to the Likert Scale and the founding of U-M’s Institute for Social Research, it was difficult to say. ISR’s legacy lives in every massive sample survey since Truman beat Dewey in 1948.

  5. Look to Michigan: The ‘defining public university of the future’

    U-M’s blueprint for the next decade — Vision 2034 — leverages the community’s excellence at scale to confront the future’s most significant challenges, from AI and precision medicine to campus well-being and carbon neutrality. 

  6. Volunteers needed for study: Learn how exposure to ‘forever chemicals’ impacts cancer risk

    U-M investigators need your help to understand statewide environmental exposures and cancer risk. Researchers hope to recruit 100,000 Michiganders ages 18-49 from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, with a focus on residents in Metro Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Saginaw.

It’s only the beginning

More than 8,500 graduates attended Spring Commencement May 4, their seats filling the field at Michigan Stadium. They were surrounded by thousands of joyful family, friends, and supporters. Commencement speaker Brad Meltzer, BA ’92, a best-selling writer (fiction, non-fiction, comic books, and television) encouraged students to commit the most radical act imaginable by “unleashing your kindness.” The commissioning ceremony was interrupted by approximately 75 pro-Palestinian protesters who gathered at the rear of the student section and moved down the center aisle, waving flags and chanting, “Disclose. Divest. We will not stop. We will not rest.” After about 15 minutes, the demonstrators moved to the back of the stadium — guided by officers — and the program continued. Read the complete story and see more photos at The University Record.

  • Hat trick

    “As you leave Michigan, write in pencil and be unafraid to use the eraser,” said commencement speaker and best-selling author Brad Meltzer, BA ’92. “The most sophisticated and intelligent people I know are the ones willing to challenge their thinking and admit there’s more to learn.” (Image credit: Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography)

    Students toss graduation caps in the air.
  • Super heroes

    Commencement speaker Brad Meltzer, BA ’92, recounted the thrill of seeing classmate Desmond Howard pull the Heisman pose at his own graduation, then invited Howard, along with 2023 national champions Blake Corum and J.J. McCarthy to the stage. Talk about a modern-day thrill for the Class of 2024.

    Four men stand on stage at Michigan Stadium opening their graduation gowns to reveal Block M t-shirts.
  • There’s two in every crowd…

    “We’re so proud of your achievements, and we look forward to all that you will do,” President Santa Ono told the graduates. “You will always be part of the University of Michigan family.” Even these characters. (Image credit: Sarah Rice, Michigan Photography)

    Two students dressed as Spiderman in their caps and gowns.
  • Heart to heart

    “Far too much importance is placed on ideals, positions, and demands rather than the human lives that they affect,” said Faculty Senate Chair Tom Braun in his address to the graduates. “I hope you are able to peacefully find your way to be heard, and allow others to be heard, in a vast and often confusing world.” (Image credit: Sarah Rice, Michigan Photography)

    Two females in caps and gowns embrace in Michigan Stadium.
  • Flagged

    “In the end, don’t vanquish your critics. Prove them wrong,” commencement speaker Brad Meltzer, BA ’92, told the Class of 2024. (Image credit: Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography)

    Grad in cap and gown waves Michigan flag in Michigan Stadium.
  • The COVID generation finally gets a graduation

    “I’d like to offer my most sincere congratulations to our graduates, for all they have done to reach this milestone, and for all you are going to achieve moving forward in your lives,” said President Santa Ono.

    President Ono, an Asian male in glasses, stands at podium on graduation day. 2024