Choose your own adventure

Mars Rover

Experience an earthquake, frolic on Mars, and chase a robot up the stairs. It’s just another dazzling day at U-M’s Ford Motor Company Robotics Building, now open for mind-bending business.

  1. Study: Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease

    A new analysis of thousands of native and nonnative Michigan bees across 60 species shows the most diverse bee communities have the lowest levels of three common viral pathogens.

  2. Actor Wendell Pierce on art’s tangible effect

    Technology does not inhibit our humanity, says actor Wendell Pierce, co-star of the digital production “Some Old Black Man,” presented this month by UMS. “It actually amplifies our humanity in a different platform.”

  3. Forecast 2021: Presidential politics

    As a new presidential administration gets to work, U-M experts explore the myriad crises that Joe Biden and his team face, from a lack of trust in government to the relentless COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. ICYMI: Jim Harbaugh extends contract through 2025

    Michigan’s head football coach reached an agreement with the University earlier this month. Harbaugh signed a four-year extension with revised financial terms effective Jan. 11, 2021

  5. Is having bad information worse than having no information?

    The move by social media companies to remove or suspend Donald Trump’s accounts and the decisions that led to the shutdown of Parler raise questions about the unchecked power of social media and its future.

  6. So… What would Benedict Arnold do?

    Unlike the spotlight-seeking insurrectionists of 2021, Benedict Arnold committed treason in secret. His original, coded correspondence at the William L. Clements Library reveals a far more sophisticated form of treachery than we saw Jan. 6