1. Strangers when we meet

    Patrick Anderson, BA ’91/MPP ’83, survived the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in NYC, thanks to a perfect stranger. Nearly two decades later, Ann Curry reunited them.

  2. Medical marijuana stores: NIMBY

    A majority of officials in Michigan oppose medical marijuana facilities in their jurisdiction. ‘Not in my backyard,’ they report in a new U-M survey.

  3. ‘Fake news’ detector outperforms humans

    Algorithm identifies telltale linguistic cues and could serve as an effective weapon against misinformation.

  4. The threat that never sleeps

    Can science stop superbugs? Traditional antibiotics are losing the battle with bacteria and U-M engineers are stepping into the breach.

  5. Despite DEA limits on opioids, prescriptions still rose

    Study finds post-surgery opioid prescriptions increased, despite drug policy designed to curb them.

  6. U-M startup launches 3D app that puts pain on the map

    Precision health tool allows patients to “paint” their pain on anatomically accurate 3D models using a phone or tablet.