Podcast: “Listen in, Michigan”

  1. Episode 34: This is how you ‘capture space’

    The Michigan Union reopened Jan. 13, 2020, after 18 months of renovation and restoration. Upgrades speak to the 21st-century student while honoring the building’s architectural and historic integrity. Listen in, as we take a tour, chat up the workers, and learn about the special details that make the place so awesome.

  2. Episode 33: Squirrels on film, featuring Corey Seeman

    The University of Michigan campus squirrel is a one-of-a-kind critter, especially when compared to its cousins ‘in the wild.’ Listen in, as we find out why Michigan Ross’ director of library services has taken nearly 70,000 photos of these furry creatures, including the one-armed Lefty.

  3. Episode 32: The band plays on, featuring John Pasquale

    The world may be rife with chaos, but one thing never changes: When football fans enter the Big House, the Michigan Marching Band will deliver a performance unrivaled by any competition. Listen in, as we attend band practice during the week leading up to the Ohio State faceoff.

  4. Episode 31: There were bells, featuring Tiffany Ng

    Listen in as we climb the stairs of Burton Memorial Tower. Do you hear it? University of Michigan carillonist Tiffany Ng is filling the air with music. From her perch high above campus, Ng likes to introduce new composers and defy expectations: Aretha Franklin, anyone?

  5. Episode 30: Woodstock — An acoustic synthesis of the ’60s, featuring Mark Clague

    Musicologist Mark Clague revisits the iconic music festival of 1969 that likely would have faded into fuzzy lore if not for the documentary that followed. But ‘Woodstock’ is not your typical concert film, Clague says. Listen in and you will learn it’s a riveting drama about a potential disaster that ends in a glorious triumph. And oh yeah: Hendrix.

  6. Episode 29: Talk about ‘music to your ears,’ featuring Eric Woodhams

    The University Musical Society now offers playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. UMS’ Eric Woodhams says we’re in for some adventurous listening, amazing guest-curated tracks, and endless surprises from the UMS Rewind archives, so listen in!

  7. Episode 28: Getting snazzy and jazzy on Main Street, featuring Dave Sharp

    Bassist Dave Sharp has found a new groove on Main Street as musical director of the elegant Blue LLama Jazz Club on Main Street. Listen in, as we visit the club, catch a groovy soundcheck, and hear Sharp’s plans for the venue.

  8. Episode 27: Being not-rich at U-M, featuring Lauren Schandevel

    The ‘real’ college admissions scandal is not about cheating and bribery, says University of Michigan public policy senior Lauren Schandevel. It’s about how low-income students get lost amid the unwritten norms, values, and expectations on a wealthy college campus. Listen in, as Schandevel explains.

  9. Episode 26: Locked in at the Bentley, featuring Brian Williams

    History nuts and people who like old stuff — really, really old stuff, like Civil War diaries with bullet holes in them — should enjoy this episode of Listen in, Michigan, as we enter the inner sanctum of the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library.