Podcast: “Listen in, Michigan”

  1. Episode 22: Ecstatic Destinations, featuring Keith Taylor

    Poet and retired lecturer Keith Taylor delivers a new book that celebrates Ann Arbor and all its charms. In Taylor’s world, the skateboarder is angel, the hickory is holy woman, and the park bench? Nirvana.

  2. Episode 21: I witness, featuring Andy Sacks and Jay Cassidy

    Good news! Your 1968 photo of RFK is on the cover of a 2017 bestseller by Chris Matthews. Bad news: The photo is credited to someone else. Listen in, as ‘Michigan Daily’ alumni Andy Sacks and Jay Cassidy take you back in time to when RFK campaigned in Detroit, and they photographed it. The candidate was killed three weeks later.

  3. Episode 20: The best of Bacon, featuring John U. Bacon

    In this episode, raconteur and University of Michigan grad John U. Bacon regales the listener with tales – heartfelt and hilarious – culled from a 25-year career covering sports. His new book features ‘select cuts,’ showcasing Michigan heroes Bo Schembechler and Jim Abbott, as well as Detroit legends Ernie Harwell, Joe Louis, and more.

  4. Episode 19: Re:Union, featuring Susan Pile

    In this episode, we chat with Susan Pile, the University of Michigan’s senior director of university unions and auxiliary services. She is managing the 20-month renovation of the beloved Michigan Union, but fear not: She is fiercely protective of its legacy.

  5. Episode 18: Flour power at Zingerman’s, featuring Frank Carollo

    Zingerman’s Bakehouse co-owner Frank Carollo celebrates 25 years in business with a gorgeous cookbook rich in history, humor, and of course, those precious how-tos. Listen in if you’re a fan of the magic brownies…

  6. Episode 17: Object lessons, featuring Carla Sinopoli & Kerstin Barndt

    From dinosaurs to dioramas, the University of Michigan holds some 25 million specimens and cultural objects in more than 20 distinct museums, libraries, and collections. Listen in, as we ‘meet’ some of the explorers who amassed this expansive archive.

  7. Episode 16: Kids today, featuring … kids today

    Student organizations at the University of Michigan may be sublime (Solar Car) or ridiculous (Squirrel Club). Either way, the students who manage them are extraordinarily bright, motivated, and accomplished. Listen in to meet them on the Diag.

  8. Episode 15: Strike up the band, featuring Jerry Bilik

    Listen in, as composer/arranger Jerry Bilik, BMus ’55/MMus ’61, takes you inside the Michigan Marching Band. He’s the artist behind some of their most beloved classics.

  9. Episode 14: Rebirth of the State Theatre, featuring Lee Berry

    The Michigan Theater Foundation’s Lee Berry, BA ’78/MBA ’99, previews the new-and-improved State Theatre.