Education & Society

  1. U-M Biological Station announces results of 2023 BioBlitz

    Targeting aquatic life and shoreline species in and around Douglas Lake in Northern Michigan, researchers and private citizens logged a total of 503 species during an intensive three-day initiative in July. And yes, that’s a bald eagle.

  2. Web developer’s photography passion takes flight

    Jocelyn Anderson does not consider herself an expert birder. Not yet, at least. But one look at her website or Instagram account is like walking into an aviary chock full of birds from all corners of Michigan.

  3. A Lifelong Dream

    Elizabeth James was just a toddler when her grandmother took her to a march in Detroit where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would deliver the “I Have a Dream” speech for the first time. Today she is a program manager with the LSA Department of Afroamerican and African Studies.

  4. Caribbean seagrasses provide services worth $255B annually, including carbon storage

    Discussions of valuable but threatened ocean ecosystems often focus on coral reefs or coastal mangrove forests. Seagrass meadows get a lot less attention, even though they provide wide-ranging services to society and store lots of climate-warming carbon. A new University of Michigan-led study shows that seagrass ecosystems deserve to be at the forefront of the global conservation agenda.

  5. Live Coal: Bringing the spark for artists and neighborhoods

    Live Coal Gallery in Detroit is a safe place for young artists to create and express their artistry to the world — and has had an impact on more than a thousand students since its founding. Creator Yvette Rock, MFA ’99, says she takes children under her wing (like the young artist above) because she knows they’ll be steered away from the arts as they get older.

  6. As Medicaid continues post-pandemic ‘unwinding,’ U-M report cites benefits of expansion

    At a pivotal time for Medicaid health coverage for Americans with low incomes, a report on the impacts of Michigan’s Medicaid expansion shows very positive effects, as well as opportunities for continued improvements.

  7. An eye on the sky

    The Extremely Large Telescope (or ELT) could change everything we know about the universe — including how the first galaxies were created and where life on other planets may exist. And U-M is the only U.S. university involved in helping develop it.

  8. ‘Do not be distracted by the insanity of the world’

    After a 30-year career in Michigan Athletics, Greg Harden (aka ‘Michigan’s secret weapon’) delivers ‘Stay Sane in An Insane World: How to Control the Controllables and Thrive,’ a book of life lessons culled from such champions as Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, Desmond Howard, and more.

  9. State awards U-M $1M for Michigan School Safety Initiative

    State support will allow U-M teams to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of Michigan schools, evaluate the effectiveness of existing school safety actions and convene a Michigan-specific school safety advisory board.