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Education & Society

  1. U-M shatters fundraising records

    Some 382,000 donors have given more than $5 billion to U-M — a campaign high among the nation’s public universities.

  2. Video game helps kids avoid predators

    UM-Dearborn undergrads and a UM-Ann Arbor librarian teamed up to help young people with autism stay safe online.

  3. Emeritus professor wins Nobel Prize

    Gérard Mourou advanced ‘chirped pulse amplification,’ pushing the limits of optical science.

  4. Bentley digitizes records for Afroamerican and African studies

    Archive includes audio, video, and other historic assets documenting black activism and academia.

  5. The captain class

    As leadership crises rock our world, Wall Street Journal columnist and veteran sports reporter Sam Walker, BA ’92, takes a counterintuitive route to answer: ‘What creates sustained success?’

  6. From foster care to fulfillment

    Blavin Scholar Cherish Fields, BA ’09/MSW ’11, emerged from the state’s foster care system to earn two U-M degrees. Now she’s on a mission to help others.

  7. U-M, Harvard join forces

    New partnerships maximize expertise to spur economic mobility in Detroit and mitigate the nation’s opioid crisis.

  8. Strangers when we meet

    Patrick Anderson, BA ’91/MPP ’83, survived the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in NYC, thanks to a perfect stranger. Nearly two decades later, Ann Curry reunited them.

  9. ‘Fake news’ detector outperforms humans

    Algorithm identifies telltale linguistic cues and could serve as an effective weapon against misinformation.