Education & Society

  1. State awards U-M $1M for Michigan School Safety Initiative

    State support will allow U-M teams to conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of Michigan schools, evaluate the effectiveness of existing school safety actions and convene a Michigan-specific school safety advisory board.

  2. Building curious machines — and finding shipwrecks

    We know more about Mars than our own oceans and lakes. Artificial intelligence could change all that.– by combining robotics, naval architecture and computer science to build a software system that can trawl through sonar data much as a human would.

  3. U-M Biological Station gains ground

    The University is expanding its nature holdings in northern Michigan with the purchase of approximately 40 acres near the U-M Biological Station, a move intended to preserve the area from potential development.

  4. Studying on sacred ground

    Stepping onto the cliffs and beaches of Normandy, enlisted ROTC cadets at U-M recently embarked on a profound journey to process the reality of D-Day. For the first time, students representing the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force trained together on the historic battlefields.

  5. New Michigan laws make storing firearms safely more important than ever

    Starting next year, firearm owners whose weapons end up in the hands of a young person who shoots themselves or someone else could face prison time or major fines. 

  6. Music therapy is a calming, soothing connector

    Sophie’s Place is a bright comfortable music studio, tucked away in a corner at U-M’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. Named for young singer-songwriter Sophie Rose Barton, the studio brings its own kind of healing to patients, families, and therapists.

  7. 48217: The Stamps Pollution Mural Project

    ‘48217’ is known as Michigan’s most polluted zip code. Community activists in this community near Detroit teamed up with Stamps Professor Joe Trumpey and his students in Fall 2022 to draw attention to the poor air quality in this industrial area — to stunning effect.

  8. U-M, MSU, WSU partner with state to aid opioid abatement

    The three universities are prepared to help local governments determine the best strategic use of their respective communities’ share of a $1.45-billion allocation by Johnson & Johnson and drug distributors to remediate overdose deaths caused by opioids.

  9. History saved lives in this pandemic. Will society listen next time?

    Medical historian Howard Markel, MD/PhD, reflects on what the past three years of COVID-19 have taught us. ‘It’s not a matter of if we will have another pandemic, it’s a matter of when,’ he says.