Michigan Stadium to begin alcohol sales this football season


The University of Michigan athletics department will begin selling alcohol at Michigan Stadium with the 2024 football season, after carefully reviewing previous alcohol-sale rollouts and fan experiences at Yost Ice Arena and Crisler Center.

The Board of Regents voted May 16 to implement a Class C liquor license at the Big House, starting Aug. 31 with a home football game against Fresno State.

In October 2023, regents voted to ask the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for liquor licenses at three U-M athletic venues: Michigan Stadium, Yost Ice Arena and Crisler Center. The board also voted to implement licenses for Crisler and Yost—which began in February—and to review the rollout of alcohol sales at those two venues before considering implementation at Michigan Stadium.

​Part of the implementation process included the athletic department collaborating and regularly meeting with campu​s partners—including the Office of Student Life, Division of Public Safety and Security,​ Risk Management and Government Relations—to ensure a safe and responsible rollout of alcohol sales at Crisler and Yost.

There have been no reported behavioral issues related to drunken behavior or medical responses related to alcohol​ at either venue since the implementation.

Information gathered from this review helped inform best university practices at the first two venues, and guide the expansion of alcohol sales to Michigan Stadium.

The athletic department also has implemented procedures to ensure compliance with Michigan laws and state Liquor Control Commission rules and regulations, as well as U-M policies related to alcohol.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, regulatory features also include requiring all patrons to show ID at every purchase, and limiting each transaction to two alcoholic beverages per legal-drinking-age guest.

In addition, the athletic department has been collaborating with the Office of Student Life on responsible alcohol consumption messaging at each of the venues.

Michigan Athletics will use the alcohol-sale revenue for operational expenses, with a portion going to the university to help fund campus research projects.


  1. Daryl Kenningham - 1986

    Bad move.


    • Harold Felty - 1964

      I agree with Daryl Kenningham that it’s a bad move. University students are already abusing alcohol by buying with fake ID’s. The majority of students are still under 21 years of age, and they should not be offered another venue to purchase alcohol. If one is allowed to purchase two drinks at one time, who do you think that person is buying that second drink for? his 19 yr old student friend? Shame on U of M and its regents for implementing such a dangerous policy!


  2. Kim Kuhlmann - 1973

    Dumbest “fund-raising” idea to date.
    Good luck enforcing that two-drink maximum.
    This is the era of unpunished lawlessness.
    You are asking for trouble.
    But what the heck do I know?


  3. Douglas Brook - 1965 1967

    Michigan fans are the best in the nation. One reason for this has been the no-alcohol policy which mitigates against the bad behavior in the stands we see in other stadiums. Is there nothing M athletics won’t do to increase revenue?
    I agree with Daryl. Bad move!


  4. Doug Scheflow - 1979

    Good Move. Prohibition is now over. Prohibition inside the stadium did not stop drinking, just moved it outside and earlier in the morning.


    • James Mercier - 2003

      There will still be tailgating. That’s ingrained in the culture. What this will change is that now it will be easier for fans to keep their buzz going throughout the game. We’re likely to see an increase in drunk driving after games.


  5. John Goodreau - 1966

    Bubba scores again…


  6. Bruce Innes - 1974

    Not a good idea


  7. G Blin - 1972

    BAD MOVE, very disappointing. A BIG MISTAKE at the BIG HOUSE. I’ll rethink my financial support.


  8. Meg Pitman - 2001

    Clearly ‘research’ on this choice evaded the board… money over safety.


  9. jerry Longcore - 1961, 1963

    I am sorry to see this change in policy at the venues. I never needed alcohol to enjoy Michigan sports teams perform and neither did my friends and colleagues. Drinking in public places is ok in bars and places to eat but not where athletes are performing. It sends the wrong message.


  10. Errol Shifman - 1978

    Is it just me or do I sense a revival in fake IDs? Two drinks per transaction times three or four transactions… or are they just signaling that the fans will need alcohol this season? 😁


  11. Nancy Barnes - 1972

    Bad move. The crowd is wild enough without it. I know that when we went to games, there would be wine bottles littering the stands after the game, but to condone it by selling alcohol, will only make matters worse.


  12. Scott Henderson - 1984 1986

    Good, logical move.

    It has worked at other schools and cut down on alcohol related incidents, including at Ohio State.

    The people that want to get drunk are binge drinking before the game and sneaking in booze. This isn’t going to negatively impact that cohort Hopefully this leads to more responsible drinking all around. As someone above said, prohibition has ended. Let responsible adults act responsibly and punish any bad actors.

    As a Michigan alum, I’m hoping the choices include some fantastic red wines and great Michigan craft beers


    • Bill Bracht - 1969 & 1971

      OMG, fat chance! Some UM supply chain guru will push for a deal with one of the big beer companies, granting them exclusive rights inside the gates –just like the Lions and Tigers and Bears (& Wings). $10 for mediocre suds. OH MY


  13. Michael Young - 1992

    This will totally change the Big House stadium experience, for the worse.


  14. Sharon Hill - 1968

    Belligerence, falls leading to injury, fights in the stands…can’t wait. Seems like a big mistake. Sure some arrive loaded from tailgates, and others always manage to get in with hidden alcohol, but now anyone can get a drink at Michigan Stadium, regardless of their age…all it takes is a compliant friend or someone who will buy for minors at a price. Most tailgate drunks are sobering up by the second half…nows they won’t have to. I’ve been attending games at Michigan Stadium since 1964…will be there from California for a couple this fall, as usual. Hope my concerns don’t prove to be well-founded. GO BLUE!


  15. S Barnosky - 1986

    The guy who sits behind us has come to many games over the years in a drunken state, he once hit me in the head, another time threw up on me and has had the unmitigated gall to deny his misdeeds.

    I’m not very optimistic that this is a good idea and I have deep concerns about the possible liability of his actions.


  16. J Mills - 1961

    So sorry to see this happen. Will not provide a good atmosphere for families with young children. Took my kids to a Lions game once and never again the language and behavior was disgusting. Shame on the money hungry University.


  17. Michael Turoff - 1961

    Terrible idea. A lot of young fans and alcohol is a bad mixture. Two drink limit will be easy to evade.


  18. Paul Lange - 84

    It’s amazing how allegedly smart people came to the conclusion that this is a good idea. What could go wrong.


  19. Nicholas Barth - 1962

    The consumption of alcohol on college campuses has become endemic. The Michigan Athletic Department
    should not be promoting more use of alcohol at Michigan sports events. And the Board of Regents should
    be replaced for this unforegiveable and thoughtless decision.



  20. Donald Potter - 1976

    After the Michigan Legislature passed a law supported by our Governor to allow alcohol sales at public university athletic events, I did not believe our great University of Michigan would stoop to such classless levels as to allow alcohol sales at our sports venues. The arguments to me were clear i.e. do not glorify alcohol consumption to our students for a few cheap dollars of additional revenue. I was delighted to see our University leaders were not about to automatically jump on board as other state universities did. I even made a wager to a great friend and Spartan grad that my Michigan family would not capitulate to the sales of alcohol in the Big House. Now I have lost on that wager to an unfortunate set of decisions within my great school to pander to the revenue advocates rather than the collegiate morality to which they should always aspire, Shame on you!


  21. Thomas Esch - 1999

    As with many others who have replied, I am very disappointed in this action. As a Michigan football season ticket holder for over 20 years, this will be my last season to purchase football season tickets.


  22. John Floyd - 1987

    110,000 people, exceedingly tight seating, volatile emotions, and alcohol. What could go wrong?


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