President’s Message

  1. New provost, policies, and plans for carbon neutrality

    Mary Sue Coleman announces new provost, policies, and plans for carbon neutrality.

  2. There is much to be proud of here

    In a letter to alumni, Mary Sue Coleman reaffirms her commitment to be a ‘more just, inclusive, and responsible university.’

  3. Coleman returns to campus

    Mary Sue Coleman returns to U-M with ‘love and respect for this institution.’

  4. Another winter with COVID-19

    Winter is coming, and COVID-19 activity is up statewide.

  5. Let’s take care of maize and blue

    Thanks to COVID-19’s Delta variant, U-M campuses are requiring masks inside University buildings and transportation.

  6. Prioritizing care, support, education, and prevention

    U-M overhauls its approach to addressing sexual misconduct. Mark Schlissel explains.

  7. Community works

    The progress toward a more traditional campus continues as we implement new masking policies and tools, thanks to community feedback and suggestions.

  8. From shots in arms to kids in dorms

    U-M students living in on-campus housing in Ann Arbor will require a COVID-19 vaccine, plus other policy changes.

  9. When they go low

    Student COVID-19 case counts remain low. Fall is looking good, though most study abroad programs remain on pause this summer.