From this day forward: ‘Vision 2034’

April 2024

Dear alumni, friends, and supporters,

Over the past year, the University of Michigan has undertaken a comprehensive strategic visioning process to define our aspirations as a leading public university. Earlier this month, we officially launched Vision 2034, an effort shaped by the insights and aspirations of more than 25,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and local community members. Many of you contributed your ideas and perspectives, and I thank you.

Look to Michigan in white type on blue background. Subhead "Vision 2034" appears in maize text.

Vision 2034 is a 10-year plan to navigate Michigan’s next decade. (Image: Michigan Creative.)

Vision 2034 establishes a bold framework for the University of Michigan to further its leadership in public service and innovation. It reflects our commitment to educate learners, advance society, and make groundbreaking discoveries in order to address the greatest challenges facing humanity. Vision 2034 sets the stage for new achievements that we will pursue together, building on the firm foundation of our shared heritage. 

I encourage you to read the full report here.

Our focus for the next decade centers on four areas where we can have the greatest impact: Life-changing education; human health and well-being; democracy, civic, and global engagement; and climate action, sustainability, and environmental justice. In each of the four upcoming academic years, we will honor one of the impact areas, beginning this fall with “The Year of Democracy and Civic Engagement.” This series will include speeches, lectures, and performances, all designed to underscore our commitment to civic participation and the cultivation of thoughtful, engaged citizens.

But before we begin the next academic year, we are working diligently to plan and host commencement celebrations worthy of the achievements of this year’s graduates, the Class of 2024. Our ceremonies for undergraduates are especially significant this year since so many of them missed their high school commencement celebrations due to the pandemic. For them, this ceremony is a confirmation of their determination and a testament to their perseverance. We look forward to joining with graduates and their friends and family members to commemorate the transition from one chapter of life to the next. 

Thank you all for your steadfast support and dedication to the University of Michigan. 

With warm regards,

Santa J. Ono
President, University of Michigan

(Lead image credit: Roger Hart, Michigan Photography.)


  1. Dennis Hameister - 1973

    2034 sounds like a most exciting opportunity for UM to remain a leader in higher education in the country. Looking forward to reading & learning more about 2034. GO BLUE.


  2. Maribeth Graybill - PhD 1983

    While I applaud President Ono and the University for Vision 2034, what seems to be overlooked in this humanitarian venture is the role of the Humanities. It is the Humanities that uniquely teach empathy, respect for others, and self-reflection.


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