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Flint water crisis reveals limits of running a state as a business — Christian Science Monitor

Jan. 20, 2016 — Michigan’s governor did something highly unusual Tuesday night: He apologized to a city. “I’m sorry and I will fix it,” GOP Gov. Rick Snyder told the people of Flint in his State of the State address. “Government failed you at the federal, state and local level.” Governor Snyder spent much of his address taking on the water crisis in Flint, where more than 8,500 children have been exposed to lead after the city, in a cost-saving measure, began pumping its supply from the Flint River in 2014. The corrosive water caused lead to leach out of pipes. Although the city switched back to sourcing its drinking water from Lake Huron in October, the water remains unsafe to drink.

Media coverage of the University of Michigan — September 2015

First look inside U-M’s $50M state-of-the art nursing school … New hand transplant program debuts … U-M is world’s fifth-most innovative university … U-M regents give praise — and a raise — to President Schlissel … Former U-M president is named next leader of AAU … Michigan gets $9.5M for study of impact of environmental factors on children’s health … U-M computer model shows Straits pipeline break would devastate Great Lakes … A million thanks: Pro athletes are sharing the wealth with their alma maters … Researchers finish study of Michigan oil, gas fracking.

Knowledge comes from death’s release: Blackstar recalls Bowie’s influence on goth: The Conversation

Jan. 16, 2016 — David Bowie’s newest album, Blackstar– released shortly before the artist’s death – has skyrocketed to the top of the charts. It’s also become a subject of intense scrutiny by critics and fans: What was the reclusive singer’s state of mind as he approached the final months of his life? Could the album contain any clues? (Some have even speculated that the pop star delayed his death until after the album’s release.) No one can say for sure. But when composing the album, Bowie – a master of allusion – clearly had death on his mind.

Media coverage of the University of Michigan — August 2015

A ‘diary’ unlocked: Stamps professor’s coming-of-age story put on film … States are racing to attract self-driving car industry. How does Michigan compare? … Little big black hole is supermassive oxymoron … What you need to know about toxic algae blooms … U-M unveils state of the art medical library … U-M sets school record with nearly 52,000 freshman applicants … Clean energy expected to power up more jobs in Michigan.

Economists: Michigan could recover 73% of jobs lost during last decade by 2018 — Crain’s Detroit Business

Jan. 14, 2016 — By 2018, the state is projected to recover 73 percent of the jobs lost during the last decade.University of Michigan economists offered the statistic during the twice-yearly revenue conference, during which state budget administrators and economic analysts determine how much money Michigan’s general and school funds are expected to bring in over the next few years. If it happens as they predict, Michigan will have regained 624,700 jobs between the third quarter of 2009 and the end of 2018 — nearly three quarters of the 858,400 jobs lost between 2000 and 2009. That would mark a return to 2003 employment levels.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — July 2015

Money magazine ranks U-M as 5th-best public school … U-M to test driverless 3-D printed carts … Rethinking exercise as a source of immediate rewards … U.S. News names best hospitals: 7 in Michigan, 4 in metro Detroit … Obama picks Michigan professor for Fed board … Inside the fake town in Michigan where self-driving cars are being tested.