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U-M gets $20M to study coastal areas — Crain’s Detroit Business

August 18, 2014 — Under a $20 million contract, the U-M Water Center will team with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to coordinate a program that studies how land use, pollution, habitat degradation and climate change affect estuaries — areas where rivers flow into oceans or large lakes such as the Great Lakes.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — June 2014

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Keeping lungs alive outside the body? U-M clinical trial is ‘wild’ — Detroit Free Press

August 18, 2014 — Here in this University of Michigan building with a rather daunting name — the Extracorporeal Life Support Research Laboratory — researchers are pushing the limits of medicine, eking out new ways to boost the numbers of organs that are available to thousands of patients who die every year waiting for them. That means, for a time at least, keeping human lungs — particularly delicate organs — “alive” outside the body. “I’ve been in medicine for years, and I still think it’s wild … almost science fiction,” said Dr. Paul Lange, medical director of Gift of Life Michigan.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: March 2014

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The data on white anxiety over Hispanic immigration — Washington Post

August 14, 2014 — “Americans think of immigration in an ethnically specific way at this point,” Nicholas Valentino, a political scientist at the University of Michigan who studied the impact of news coverage on immigration attitudes, said in an interview. “They think of immigrants as Latino. Latinos trigger an anxiety in some Americans that other ethnic groups simply do not trigger. It changes both attitudes and behaviors on immigration policy.”

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — Feb. 2014

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