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U-M, MSU to coordinate efforts on Flint health — Detroit News

April 26, 2016 — Community groups are partnering with three Michigan universities to address health challenges facing Flint residents. The initiative, known as the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center, will connect the community and researchers from the University of Michigan-Flint, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and Michigan State University. It’s an effort organizers say could lead to opportunities for foundation and federal funding.

Media coverage of the University of Michigan — September 2015

First look inside U-M’s $50M state-of-the art nursing school … New hand transplant program debuts … U-M is world’s fifth-most innovative university … U-M regents give praise — and a raise — to President Schlissel … Former U-M president is named next leader of AAU … Michigan gets $9.5M for study of impact of environmental factors on children’s health … U-M computer model shows Straits pipeline break would devastate Great Lakes … A million thanks: Pro athletes are sharing the wealth with their alma maters … Researchers finish study of Michigan oil, gas fracking.

Your devices’ latest features? They can spy on your every move — The Conversation

April 25, 2016 — We now have dozens of smart devices in our houses and even on our bodies. They improve our lives in so many ways – from lowering energy consumption in our homes to egging us on to be active. But there also are dangers we should be more concerned about that are getting less attention. Your gadgets could be providing a window that any hacker could see right through to spy on you.

Media coverage of the University of Michigan — August 2015

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Why insulin prices have tripled in just a decade — PRI

April 24, 2016 — The number of people living with diabetes today is four times higher than it was a generation ago.That’s 422 million adults worldwide as of 2014, according to a report out this week by the World Health Organization. The WHO report cites lack of affordable insulin as one reason why diabetes patients worldwide are suffering complications or dying prematurely. “We definitely see people cutting back or skipping doses of insulin because they can’t afford it,” says Bill Herman, professor of internal medicine and epidemiology at the University of Michigan.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — July 2015

Money magazine ranks U-M as 5th-best public school … U-M to test driverless 3-D printed carts … Rethinking exercise as a source of immediate rewards … U.S. News names best hospitals: 7 in Michigan, 4 in metro Detroit … Obama picks Michigan professor for Fed board … Inside the fake town in Michigan where self-driving cars are being tested.