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Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — September 2014

Why federal college ratings won’t rein in tuition … What happens when we all live to 100? … U-M tops U.S. public universities in global ranking … Mad men: How to change the tide of domestic violence … Toxic algae cocktail brews in Lake Erie … Baby steps toward driverless cars deliver huge leaps in safety … More breast cancer patients should keep their healthy breasts.

The mystery of Lake Erie’s toxic algae deepens — Motherboard

October 17, 2014 — Changes in agricultural practices that use more phosphorus on the soil surface have increased runoff into Lake Erie, leading to the record algae blooms, which rendered tap water for half a million people in Ohio and Michigan undrinkable for several days this summer.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — June 2014

Large freshman class challenges U-M housing…U-M builds fake city to test driverless cars…Teenage girls face sexting dilemma…Cutting the poor out of welfare…Why daughters are better than sons, financially, that is…22 devastating effects of climate change…U-M forms technology consortium with other universities.

U-M extends novel system of seed money for research — Chronicle of Higher Education

October 9, 2014 — U-M’s “MCubed” program, introduced in May 2012, made faculty members eligible for $20,000 credits that could be redeemed only if they worked with two other faculty members, including one outside their academic field, for a total credit of $60,000 per team. To date 31 “cubes” have secured $20-million in external support.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan: March 2014

The 12 stupidest mistakes entrepreneurs make…New detector lets people ‘see’ radiation…Ford’s driverless car takes the wheel…Just say yes? The rise of study drugs in college…A global tax on the super-rich…Tweeting a killer migraine…hy the Great Lakes are changing & more.