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Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — October 2014

AD David Brandon resigns…U-M extends M-Cubed program…U-M economist Wolfers: one of 10 “tweeple” you should follow…U-M prof Prabal Dutta named one of “Brilliant 10″…Artifact from 1800s found while moving massive oak on campus…U-M’s Howard Markel on the history of quarantine…Detroit’s exit from bankruptcy…Fracking’s unexpected benefits.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — September 2014

Why federal college ratings won’t rein in tuition … What happens when we all live to 100? … U-M tops U.S. public universities in global ranking … Mad men: How to change the tide of domestic violence … Toxic algae cocktail brews in Lake Erie … Baby steps toward driverless cars deliver huge leaps in safety … More breast cancer patients should keep their healthy breasts.

Media Coverage of the University of Michigan — June 2014

Large freshman class challenges U-M housing…U-M builds fake city to test driverless cars…Teenage girls face sexting dilemma…Cutting the poor out of welfare…Why daughters are better than sons, financially, that is…22 devastating effects of climate change…U-M forms technology consortium with other universities.