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Colorful, captivating Cuba


  • Teresita Long - 1973

    Just returned from a family trip to La Habana – these pictures capture its flavor in a very authentic manner. It is a beautiful but decaying city. I left there in 1961 – our trip was a family odyssey as I promised our daughters I would take them there “sometime “. Sometime arrived. It was a sentimental & nostalgia-filled journey. Thanks for sharing your photographs.


    • Bruce Wilkison - 1983

      What a wonderful experience! It’s certainly on my “bucket list.”


  • Mike Jefferson - 1984

    What a brilliant photo expose on street life in Cuba. Did Roger think to travel to the mass graves filled by Castro or visit the democratic dissidents in prisons?


  • Brian Gawronski - 1976

    The photo essays seen through MichiganToday are consistently excellent! Looking forward to visiting Cuba now! Sorry to see their architecture has fallen to disrepair and hope it will be restored.


  • Lydia G. - Dec. 2017

    Next time, take more photos of the people and the architecture. We already know what cars look like; thus, one photo would have sufficed (not 4 of them).


    • Marc Schwartz - 1987

      Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics, Roger. I look forward to sharing them with my Cuban colleagues.


  • Gail Kuhnlein

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Roger, and Michigan Today!


  • Michael Gross - 1967 Med

    Beautiful photos Roger! We visited in 2002 on a medical tour while Fidel was still ascendant. We were told that American mobsters had big and corrupt power in Cuba prior to the revolution, and this may have influenced the political direction that followed. The complex conflicted relationship with the US was related to the value of American dollars sent by relatives to the locals versus the official US embargo versus the urge to escape the communist island to America versus the indoctrination with anti-Americanism, etc. The collapse of Soviet Union in 1990 had made the poor country even more desperate for a while and malnutrition was common. The common people had little material possession. Tropical climate made deteriorated shelter relatively safe unless a building collapsed. We were not invited to visit with the powerful elite. Crime was very minimal but there was some hustling for handouts. We saw open antisemitism and vandalism at the temple in old Havana. Doctors were well-trained but medicine was scarce. It was a fascinating place. We want to go again.


  • John Jeter

    Terrific photos. Went there a couple of years ago — and 30 years before that — and you’ve done a great job here. Bravo!