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Leisure and Luxury


  • Cheryl Sinclair - 1975

    Wow! How I want to come back for this exhibit!
    I used to love the museum and try to visit when I
    can on trips back to A2. What a coup this exhibit is!


  • Robert Hilton - 1987

    Looks like a great show. I see that the Kelsey is on Instagram, although not much has been posted. Put all these shots up there and you’ll get more followers, I’m sure.


  • Cheryl Summers - 1976

    Looks like a fabulous show! Wish it would come to Emory, Fernbank or one of the other local museums in the Atlanta, GA area so I could see it.


  • Mary Beth Verrot - 1980

    Excellence on the part of the Kelsey Museum curator to have retained this rare and exclusive exhibition for us to view and enjoy. I can’t wait to tour.


  • Vincenzo Marasco - 1976

    Complimenti per la bellissima mostra e ai quanti hanno tanto lavorato affinché venisse realizzata. Sono certo che la nostra Oplontis vi stupirà. Ovviamente vi aspettiamo poi a Torre Annunziata per concludere la scoperta di questo gioiello dell’antichità.
    In amicizia, Vincenzo Marasco
    Torre Annunziata, Napoli – Italia.

    Congratulations for the wonderful shows and those who have worked so hard so were to go ahead . I am sure that our Oplontis will amaze you . Then of course we expect in Torre Annunziata to end the discovery of this jewel of antiquity .
    In friendship , Vincenzo Marasco,
    Torre Annunziata , Naples – Italy.