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Remnants and remembrance


  • Norman Andresen - 1976

    The Museums Annex where the Fisheries Research Institute was located was my first introduction to UM. I was studying at MSU under G. W. Prescott and he suggested I visit the FRI to gather information on the lake I was studying. This was accomplished and as an aside I asked if the staff knew of E. F. Stoermer who had taught at the Kellogg Biological Station the previous summer. They found his name in the staff directory and his office was just across the lawn at the North University Building. My meeting him eventually led to my studying with Stoermer and earned my degree under his direction. The last 16 years of my employment was in Stoermer’s lab which moved from NUBS to North Campus and then back to CC Little Building in 1998. I did not get into much of the Museums annex but my one visit was the beginning of a change in my career trajectory.


  • Leon Hinz - BS 1985 (UM-D), MS1990 (SNR), PhD 2000 (SNRE)

    That melancholy place sure looks like the office I shared with Kevin Wehrly during graduate school. It was certainly not melancholy at that time. IFR played an incredibly important role for students interested in aquatic ecology and fisheries management and I hope it continues to play that role on Campus and for the State of Michigan.


  • Frederick Paper - 1978

    Nice photos, Mark. I have a lot of memories of being in different people’s offices in that building.


  • Jennifer Ast - MS 1993 (Biology), PhD 2001 (UMMZ and Biology)

    Great photos, Mark, thanks so much. I certainly remember my office in the Annex fondly… I spent the night camped on the floor at least once, despite having been assured that the place was haunted (no ghosts visited me but I did keep a lookout); when I moved in, the desk drawer had some very interesting things in it (not only keys to nowhere and paperclips, but a few hundred dollars in traveller’s checks). I also remember some great snowball fights with the denizens of Starfleet Command!


  • Joseph Litvin - 1958

    While necessary to sometimes tear down the old and to make room for the new, it is still a little sad.

    While attending U of M in the late 50′s, the West Engineering Annex was torn down. I had at least one class in the building. Years ago I sent the Engineering School copies of the pictures of its destruction. If you need copies I will try to send them.

    Joseph Litvin P.E., P.S, ’58 BSE(C.E.)


  • Jeff Keating - 1997

    I’m stunned to read that these two buildings, among the oldest on campus, were torn down. For me, they were a link to the past and added a certain charm to that part of campus. I suppose they’ll be replaced with just another big glass box. I don’t understand how U-M can be so dismissive of its own history.