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Shant address on William Street.

That old house

For more than a century, a spooky little fortress behind an iron gate at 611½ William St. has mystified passersby in all its gothic glory.

3-D virtual cadaver, large.

They see dead people

As a 3-D hologram-like cadaver floats in space, students “operate” using joysticks and special glasses.

Thank you President Mary Sue Coleman

#Thank you, Mary Sue


President Coleman reflects on her 12-year tenure as U-M’s 13th president. After an amazing run, she’ll retire this summer.

The Hoffman brothers, courtesy of Derek Hoffman

An entrepreneur’s cheat sheet

The brothers behind Wall St. Cheat Sheet could write a case study for entrepreneurs, content providers, and new media strategists.

Drawing of the "object" flying over Frank Mannor's Dexter swamp. Courtesy of the Ann Arbor District Library.

Ann Arbor vs. the flying saucers

In 1966 a sudden wave of UFO sightings—many by extremely credible witnesses—turned local eyes skyward and brought national attention to Ann Arbor.