Keeping alumni and friends connected to U-M


Rush poster detail, courtesy of Bentley Historical Library

Black Fridays of yore

Weirdly gruesome posters created for U-M’s inter-class “rush” mingled themes of mayhem and mirth at the turn of the 20th century.


Inauguration day

Mark Schlissel calls for a spirit of open and civil discourse as he begins tenure as U-M’s 14th president.

Militarized police, stock

Gunning for trouble?

What happens to democracy when militarized police send signals that dissent is dangerous to security?

Hayden, Chavez, Msemaji -- Tom Hayden Papers at U-M

U-M acquires Hayden papers

Activist Tom Hayden’s papers join extensive Labadie Collection chronicling radical history and social protest movements worldwide.

Sneak attack, cell phone

Mischief on the line

New study shows how hackers can execute sneak attacks through a smart phone’s shared memory.