Keeping alumni and friends connected to U-M


Helen Newberry portrait, Newberry Residence, U-M.

The generous Mrs. Newberry

On the 100th anniversary of the Helen Newberry Residence, we offer a snapshot of the philanthropist who impacted thousands of young women.

Bill Lewis in his studio.

Pacifist with a paintbrush


World War I spanned just four years. But for 96-year-old emeritus art professor Bill Lewis, it’s provided inspiration for nearly a century

Flags, Wall Street, stock.

Can U-M save the American Dream?

Education may hold the most potential to revive our nation’s ailing ethos, says cultural historian Neal Gabler, AB ’71/AM ’75 — emphasis on potential.

Heart made from pennies, and a few dimes.

Who do you love?

When it comes to the power of attraction, research shows both genders favor savers over spenders. But why, and for how long?

Indian boy with soap

One hand washes the other

What happens to those tiny bars of hotel soap on check-out? Ford School grad Erin Zaikis, AB ’10, recycles and redistributes them.

Female swimmer featured in NCAA videos by U-M.

Mastering the mind

Pilot program succeeds in encouraging student-athletes to seek help for depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions.