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Vintage dancers

The ’50s in your ear


Michiganensian’s short-lived audio yearbook “Memories in Sound” featured recordings of Duke Ellington’s band at J-Hop, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and more.


Made in Vietnam

Artisanal chocolate maker Vincent Mourou, BS ’94, knows the sweet smell of success. And it’s coming from the cacao farms of Vietnam.

Will Caine with squirrel

Just nuts

Michigan has enjoyed a very long romance with its campus squirrels, certainly since the days of the Diag as a scrubby wheat field filled with grazing livestock.

Talking Trash in Jakarta | MconneX | MichEpedia

Talking trash in Jakarta


Flooding in overpopulated megacities often is exacerbated by trash dumping. Frank Sedlar, MSE ’15, innovates in Indonesia.


Can we talk?

In a time when science is often dismissed as mere opinion, many academics are attempting to raise the level of public discourse. So where do universities come in?