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armande in provence

Going to the dogs


Storyteller Eric Keller delivers wit and wisdom through a series of quirky animated canines, some of whom wear bikinis.

Edited version of On Purpose cover

On purpose

Losing his daughter to heart disease nearly derailed Professor Vic Strecher until he discovered his mission to help others live their fullest lives.

Old buildings, new tricks

Old buildings, new tricks

Where others see vacant and abandoned buildings, Detroit-based architect/U-M professor Christian Unverzagt sees promise and potential.

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith with Michael Jackson in 1984. (Photo by Lynn Goldsmith)

Photo finish

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith has spent the past four decades telling “Rock and Roll Stories” by picturing the most iconic artists of our time.

GO FAR: The Official Trailer



Filmmaker Zack Arnold, BA ’02, celebrates the late Christopher Rush, BA ’99, who defied muscular dystrophy to lead an extraordinary life.