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Arts & Culture


M is for MAD

MAD magazine’s Sam Viviano, BFA ’75, reflects on how he became (or still dreams of becoming) a rich and famous illustrator.

A busy Festifools studio.

(Festi)fools rush in

Annual celebration of art in public spaces brings whimsy, color, and “3-d kinetic sculpture” to the streets of Ann Arbor.

The Way it Is by Rafael DeJesus

Prison arts work

For 25 years, the Prison Creative Arts Project has inspired inmates statewide to mine fertile, creative territory and create bold, original work.

Bill Lewis in his studio.

Pacifist with a paintbrush


World War I spanned just four years. But for 96-year-old emeritus art professor Bill Lewis, it’s provided inspiration for nearly a century


Tiger by the tale

Bookish historian Alice Dalligan, AM ’48/AMLS ’51, became a bona fide baseball nut when sportscaster Ernie Harwell donated his archive to the Detroit Public Library in ’66.