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Arts & Culture

Bill Lewis in his studio.

Pacifist with a paintbrush


World War I spanned just four years. But for 96-year-old emeritus art professor Bill Lewis, it’s provided inspiration for nearly a century

Pilot Error Movie Poster, courtesy of Dewey Decimal Productions

Pilot Error

Former Michigan Daily editor releases film that strikes a timely chord.

Beethoven bust, courtesy of UMHS

How heartfelt was Beethoven’s music?

A cardiologist, medical historian, and musicologist join forces to discover whether cardiac arrhythmia played a part in some of history’s most famous works.


Men of letters

Novelist Nicholas Delbanco celebrates the art of correspondence in a whimsical series of letters that captures the wonder of words among friends.

Tom McLaren book event 11-14


While co-authoring a book about Hollywood’s Golden Age, studio exec Tom McLaren, BBA ’84, flipped the script and became an actor.