1. Deadly Secrets

    October 8, 2018

    A murder in the Hamptons sends wisecracking, Shakespeare-quoting sleuth Jake Wanderman on an international quest to London and Paris in search of the globetrotting killer. Deadly Secrets is the latest installment in author Riskin’s fast-paced mystery series about this colorful, albeit reluctant, detective. Other titles include Scrambled Eggs and Deadly Bones.

    While at U-M Brooklyn native Riskin studied with playwright Kenneth Rowe; since then the author has traveled the globe and supported himself and family at a variety of jobs–from dishwasher to
    factory worker, from busboy to hawker of low-price garments for high-fashion women–all while
    experiencing the stuff of the human condition that feeds his writing. He currently lives in Sag Harbor.

    Riskin’s work has appeared in a variety of literary magazines. Learn more at www.robertborisriskin.com