1. Held Hostage

    October 8, 2018

    Al-Qaeda has taken over the Middle East and control of the OPEC oil that is shipped to the United States. With the goal of a nuclear-armed United Middle East, Al-Qaeda plans to hold the United States hostage for nuclear weapons technology in exchange for oil. Osama Bin Laden, as supreme leader, sets some other ominous conditions as well. America must abandon its bases in the region, and Israel must leave the Middle East forever. The clock is ticking. When the United States is slow to act and the oil supply is cut off entirely, the former L-REDD (long-range explosives detection and detonation) team of renowned scientist Bradford Tully and his brilliant and beautiful partner Zeneca Lang-Tully, along with resourceful and skilled Sam Elson and Aldora Klein, steps in to take on this new challenge. Held Hostage is the sequel to Wayne Pletcher’s, The Campaign of Fear.Using fact-based fiction to suggest ways to solve our country’s energy issues, Held Hostage offers an adept social commentary on one of the biggest issues facing the country today. Author Pletcher earned his PhD in chemistry in 1971. The book is available at Amazon in both paper and Kindle formats.