1. Memoirs of an Agent for Change in International Development

    October 8, 2018

    In this compelling book, Lu Rudel, AM ’65, describes his unique experiences with U.S. foreign economic aid programs during some of the most dramatic international events since World War II. These include Iran after the fall of Mosaddegh (1956-60); Turkey after the military coup of 1960 to the start of the Cuba Missile crisis; India after the death of Nehru (1965-70); and Pakistan following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988. Rudel’s firsthand observations on Iran differ markedly from the description of events commonly espoused by some historians and journalists.

    The author also provides a firsthand account of the political metamorphosis over the past half-century of the “Group of 77” nations as they employed the U.N.’s economic development agencies to press for a “New International Economic Order.” These experiences led him to draw significant lessons about the conduct and effectiveness of foreign aid.