1. Tales from the Tailgate: From the Fan Who’s Seen ‘Em All

    October 8, 2018

    Few can say they have seen every NCAA Division 1A football team play. Steve Koreivo can claim just that. “College football—what better way to spend an autumn afternoon?” As a boy, those words from ABC’s Chris Schenkel inspired Koreivo, who details his quest to see every major team (now Football Bowl Subdivision) in his book “Tales from the Tailgate: From the Fan Who’s Seen ‘Em All.”

    Koreivo’s history of games involving FBS teams from Michigan includes Michigan State’s 500th win led by RB Tico Duckett; Michigan’s first Big Ten visit to Happy Valley with a big day from RB Tyrone Wheatley; and the “directional” Michigans in their struggles on the road. Central visits Syracuse, Eastern’s Eagles avoid a goose egg at Maryland’s Byrd, and Western’s Broncos get dumped on as does the author at Virginia Tech. His history also details Notre Dame games against Navy, LSU, and Washington State as each game added another team to his final goal.


    Also included are Koreivo’s experiences with a lucky snag of Rose Bowl tickets in 1995 thanks to Kermit the Frog; an intense cross-country flight after 9/11; record-setting games of Head Coach Joe Paterno; and Marshall’s 1997 rebirth into 1A football years after a tragic plane crash killed most of their football players in 1970. Koreivo’s history is recorded on his website www.collegefootballfan.com.