1. The Winning Weekend Warrior

    October 8, 2018

    This book aspires to enhance the participation, enjoyment, and success of the reader in all sports. It focuses on strategy, tactics, and the “mental game” and is designed for the amateur athlete. It is one of the few sports books written by an actual winning weekend warrior who takes into account the average person’s working schedule, aging process, and wide-ranging skill level.

    Thomas has enjoyed many sports including (in rough chronological order) baseball, badminton, soccer, table tennis, basketball, football, tennis, running, body building, golf, and triathlon. The Winning Weekend Warrior is constructed on the intersection of personal experience in a wide variety of sports, a long career in research and management, and an understanding of cognitive psychology. Links to some of Thomas’ professional writing can be found at www.truthtable.com.

    Thomas attended graduate school at U-M from1967-1971 and earned his PhD in psychology.